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[casi] Musharaff Warns US Over Iraq

Yet another warning and this one from Pakistan:

Musharaff's comments more than likely won't put a dent in the US' plans, but worth noting:

"There is a feeling of alienation in the Muslim world and I think this will lead to further 
alienation" and "Feelings against the US will increase, certainly".

The article itself is peppered heavily with quotes such as those above.. drilling in Pervez's 
opinion on what the Muslim world will think of America's plans/attack on Iraq.

It suggests also that "American action against Iraq could increase support for Osama bin Laden and 
other extremists". Which may be true. America may be looked at - if not already, as the "common 

It is in human nature to defend oneself. I would not be surprised if more and more go to the "dark 
side" to become (or appear) imperdible. The only problem with this theory is that while they are 
defending themselves and showing up as a theat to the US, it will only increase America's resolve 
to destroy what is left of Iraq.

Also, in my opinion,  merely suggesting that they would rush over to extremists for assistance 
holds a heavy generalisation over the people of Iraq. Although, they would want to defend 
themselves, much as any of us would.. alluding to to such a theory only makes Iraq look as if they 
are more prone to evil "and should be destroyed". It somewhat feeds into the way the media (e.g. 
Foxnews) has protrayed Iraq, by desperately trying to validate that point.

Anai Rhoads

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Humans have a wonder instinct about things. They can discover everything except the obvious.

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