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[casi] Pressure is on America to back off...

I was just reading the Guardian's latest:,2763,782187,00.html

"Mr Rumsfeld said: "I've found over the years that when our country does make the right judgments, 
the right decisions, that other countries do cooperate and they do participate."

No amount of denunciation or "doubling the fist at" can sway the masses at this point to co-operate 
with the US. We are talking about a unilateral effort - an unsupported, pre-emptive machination of 
inestimable lives. If America chooses to go forth with this conditional antagonism, then it (the 
US) must be prepared to be a clear example of voluntary exile.

It appears there is a deficiency of mediatory capacity within the speeches presented by those 
representing America. Lacking humility when approaching a very delicate situation - that of Iraq 
for e.g., warrants a nervous chuckle.

The article also says:

"However, senior British military sources said Mr Bush had already made up his mind to attack Iraq. 
The US was beginning to "warm up its public relations machine, to prepare the general public", one 

I do hope part of this public relations effort includes mention of the bill the tax payers will be 
responsible for. Seeing as all of the 80 billion dollars needed to fight this war will come out of 
our pocket. Saudia Arabia and Kuwait (among other countires) are not eager to step in to hand over 
money this time.

I personally do not see how any PR campaign will be able to sugarcoat an
impending recession while enchanting us into believing the agonies of death are fashionable and 

Anai Rhoads

- - - -
Humans have a wonder instinct about things. They can discover everything except the obvious.

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