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[casi] FW: : Not in Our Name ad in NYT in opposition to attack on Iraq

fyi - best, felicity a.

From: Vietnam Veterans Against the War Anti-Imperialist <>
To: Recipient List Suppressed:;
Subject: : Not in Our Name ad in NYT in opposition to attack on Iraq
Date: Wed, Aug 28, 2002, 5:24 am

If anyone would like to donate $$$ to endorse and to endorse in the name of
our organization: VVAWAI - please let us know. Or endorse in your orgs name.

I thought I would pass this on for individuals that would like to add their
organization's name to this ad or contribute financially, or both.  It's
not very clear, but if you go to the following link,,  the ad's message is more clear.  It
simply states that not everyone here in the U.S. supports U.S. policy in
Afganistan or the "planned" attack against Iraq.


Date: Tue Aug 27, 2002 4:44am
Subject: Not in Our Name


The Statement:

The Not In Our Name statement of conscience is going to be
printed as an ad in the New York Times in the second half of
September. With the advancing plans towards war and attacks on
our civil liberties more intense every week, that is not a minute

To publish the ad, your financial support is needed. We are
suggesting $200, but contributions of any size are very much
appreciated. It will take 200 contributions of $200 to fund the ad,
and we need to collect the funds quickly to meet our September 12

Since the Not In Our Name statement first appeared as an Op-Ed in
the Guardian (London, June 14,,
the statement has been reprinted in papers from Australia, to Cuba,
to Bangladesh. It has appeared on many websites and over 2,000
people have added their names. This statement has become the
principal written voice of opposition in the US. But symbolic of the
current climate, it has yet to be printed in the American mainstream

We decided to publish the ad in the Times because it is imperative
for this viewpoint to enter the national public dialogue in a
way now. The statement stands for the principle that we are first
foremost responsible for what OUR government does, and it lets
people throughout the world know that the American people are
NOT unified behind a government whose crude motto is "You're
either with us or against us." The statement opens up space for
more voices of opposition, and helps creates real possibilities for
resistance to grow to a level commensurate with the terrible
juggernaut we are facing.

To accomplish this, the New York Times ad will feature those
names with the greatest potential to have an impact on public
opinion, but we will make every effort to list everyone who
contributed to the ad. In addition, the ad will also refer people to
web site were the name of every signer will be available.

We are not stopping with the New York Times. That is only the
beginning. The Times ad will solicit money to publish the statement
in major regional dailies across the country. We are also asking
students and faculty to organize the publication of the statement
when schools reopen, and we would like to see it published in
various professional magazines and journals. We encourage each
of you to take initiative in spreading the message of this statement
throughout society, as part of transforming the public discourse on
these life and death questions.

Make your check payable to "Not In Our Name" and mail to

Not In Our Name
158 Church St, PMB 9
New York, NY 10007-2204

If you would like a 1-5 word descriptive phrase after your name
(such as a profession or organization), please indicate that. This
contribution is not tax-deductible. We hope to get a fiscal sponsor
for the statement project soon that would allow tax-deductible
contributions, but to publish the ad in September we need to begin
to collect funds now. So please mail your check today.

The Advisory Board for the statement consists of: Russell Banks,
Kimberley Crenshaw, Eve Ensler, Jeremy Glick, Abdeen Jabara,
Robin D.G. Kelley, Rabbi Michael Lerner, Tony Kushner, Dave
Marsh, Rev. E. Randall Osburn, Michael Ratner, Naomi Wallace,
and Howard Zinn.  We now have a web site for the, Please check there for further developments
and a more complete list of signers (if your name is not yet posted,
please be patient) .

Thank you for your support,

The NION statement working group

Terri Allred
Seattle, WA

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