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[casi] IRAQ: More from NPR - not encouraging

Trying to get more of a feel for the reaction to the
White House's conclusion that Bush doesn't need
congressional approval to invade Iraq, I listened to a
bit of NPR while running errands.  I didn't know the
people talking and didn't get their names, but for the
most part they were concluding that a unilateral move
to invade Iraq on Bush's part would NOT be
unconstitutional, though they all agree that it's
muddy and that it would certainly be better for a show
of unity for him to get a congressional endorsement.

To hell with unity when we are going down a dark,
wrongheaded road.  I think we need to round up our
attorneys and try to get a good legal perspective we
can fight with.  The problem seems to lie in years, if
not decades, of congress not wanting the

It's time they TAKE responsibility.

So what do we do?

1.  Ask for help from our legal people; get a
statement we can stick by.

2.  Attend the state meetings with senators on
Wednesday.  In addition to attending yourself, try to
take a petition with other state residents'
signatures.  (Hope you have better luck than I'm
having with Arkansas.)

3.  _____ - This one's blank.  Will be filled in with
ideas.  Protests, mass mailings, ads like the one Kim
is circulating to be placed in the L.A. Times,
petitions like the one available at Moveon.

If Congress declares war or signs its support with
Bush on ANY credible basis, that's one thing, but to
support him ONLY for a show of unity is not what I
once believed this country was about.

Cheney is now on CBS comparing a strike now with a
preemptive strike that could have stopped 9-11, had
they known.  No comment.

I don't think anything will stop this war.  It is
going to take some wisdom to decide how we can help
(or hope to help) minimize its damage.

A funeral was held in Iraq today (still watching CBS)
for 8 civilians killed in an air raid by the U.S.

One bright spot - a rebuff for Ashcroft's secret
hearings for deportation.  Any of these references to
administration actions "not being American" is good
for those of us trying to make people learn the facts.

Never have we been so desperate for a leader.


"To announce that there must be no criticism of the president, or that we are to stand by the 
president right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the 
American public."

- Republican President Theodore Roosevelt

"The problem with the Bush administration is that its bully pulpit is all bully and no pulpit." - 
Maureen Dowd

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