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[casi] FW: Memo From Bush, Sr To Bush, Jr

Thanks to Rick Rozoff - Stop NATO.

The Scotsman
August 23, 2002

Take my advice, George: get to Baghdad then get the
hell out
Gavin Esler



Hope you are enjoying your vacation in Crawford. You
asked for my thoughts on how fighting Iraq this time
would differ from 12 years ago when I led the allied
coalition. Well, Iím going to skip military advice.
Youíll have plenty of that. Just bear in mind when
generals WANT to do something they say it will take
far fewer soldiers. When they DONíT want to do
something, suddenly the size of the army and the cost
doubles. You got me?

Now, all our people in the Republican National
Committee want you to do nothing - NOTHING - until
after the mid-term elections on 5 November. Itís going
to be tough enough for our candidates fighting off the
sleaze from Enron and Arthur Andersen without taking
on Saddam as well. And you have to prepare yourself.
By 6 November, our party might not have control of
either the House or the Senate. That means here at
home your hands will be tied by the Democrats in
Congress, so your only chance to make a difference
will be in foreign affairs and as Commander in Chief.
This means itís a GOOD time for a war.

George, it is my strong recommendation that early on 6
November you announce that you are sending two
aircraft-carrier battlegroups to the Gulf. Or
whatever. Each day make a further announcement. Send
the 82nd Airborne one day, B52 bombers to Diego Garcia
the next, Patriot and other anti-missile batteries to
Kuwait the following day. Drip-feed the news. Youíll
be the only story in town. Go visit the troops in the
Gulf at the end of November.

Spend Thanksgiving with them. Say a few prayers, eat
turkey - oh, and maybe visit Turkey. And the Saudis.
Make it clear this is the last chance for our
"friends" to get with the war. Swing by London so
Blair can say youíre doing great. Get the picture?

NEXT: Congress. As soon as they realise you are
serious about the war, all 435 of the Munchkins in the
House and 100 in the Senate will start pretending that
they are running things. REMEMBER: THIS IS OF NO
CONSEQUENCE TO ANYONE. Twelve years ago, Congress went
on for days debating my policy. Some of them spoke
AGAINST the war, then voted FOR it. Some spoke FOR the
war and then voted AGAINST. George, they ALWAYS do
this. It means that if things go right, the Munchkins
point to their support for the policy, and if it all
goes wrong they can point to the fact that they were
against it too. Neat, uh? But please remember:
Congress debating is like cicadas singing in the trees
in west Texas. It sounds loud, but it means nothing.

It would be best not to start the real fighting before
Christmas. Wouldnít be prudent. The military like
January because it is cool. Politically, itís cool
too. Go for it, say by the middle of the month. One
thing which would help would be some Congressional
hearings on Saddamís atrocities. In 1991 we managed to
get a load of coverage on Iraqi troops throwing babies
off incubators in Kuwait city hospital. We even got
the daughter of Kuwaitís ambassador here in Washington
to do a real tear-jerker eyewitness account - even
though she wasnít in Kuwait when it happened. Great
show. Everybody fell for it.

Stories about enemy soldiers bayoneting babies have
been a propaganda clichÈ ever since the First World
War - but the public lap it up. Remind the world that
not even Hitler used poison gas on the battlefield, as
Saddam did against Iran. (But skip the part about US
intelligence helping Iraq target the Iranian troops,
when I was Reaganís Vice President. Donít muddle the
message.) The big difference from 12 years ago is that
in 1991 we got the Arabs to pay for the war. This time
they wonít. The whole cost of $100 billion will be
down to the US taxpayer at a time when the economy
looks shaky. I guess maybe youíll need a further memo
on how to fill the budget black hole.

But one final piece of advice: have fun. The fun stops
as soon as the war is won. Get to Baghdad then get the
hell out. Declare victory and leave long before your
re-election campaign.

Is that enough for now? Mommie sends her love, and
asks me to remind you to always wear sunscreen out in
the heat.

Your ever loving,


Gavin Esler is a presenter on BBC News 24.

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