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I sent the following poem to CASI to see if it was of any use and Seb Wills
suggested I send it to the list group.  The poem was first published by
Forward Press in 2000 and I am happy for it to be used on any anti -
sanctions or campaign against the war material.  It would be nice to know
when it was being used but this is not necessary.

Hazel B Cameron

Healing Babylon
> The sand is cluttered with broken shells
> Our ears are closed to mothers' yells
> Fractured skulls and broken limbs
> It must be time to let the healing begin.
> The man at the top doesn't feel the pain
> We're destroying a nation, not Saddam Hussein
> Their anguish and suffering will go on to breed
> A generation of children to support more greed.
> We cover our ears and close our eyes
> To bombing and maiming; the ending of so many lives
> The West needs a monster, someone to blame
> Why don't we care?  Do we think they're fair game?
> The embargo will keep the oil prices high
> The cost of our apathy - thousands will die
> We barter with food and medicines for fuel
> Trading on misery to drive our kids to school.
>Why not take to your feet and protest again
> Not of high taxes but how they are used
> Removing humanity from the weak and abused.
> Stop the bombing
> Let the food get in
> Let lost voices speak
> And the healing begin.
> Hazel Cameron 

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