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RE: [casi] Hans Blix

Dear All,

I find myself once again bringing up the subject of the legality or
"illegality" of the implementation of Security Council resolutions.

UNMOVIC was created by resolution 1284 of 17 December 1999. As you all
remember, three of the five permanent members of the Security Council (namely
France, China and Russia) abstained from voting on this resolution. According to
Article 27 of the Charter of the UN, this resolution should NOT have even been
adopted, because it did not fulfill the requirement laid down by the Charter: it
For that resolution to have been adopted exposes the dual standards of the UN,
which punishes one country for violating the Charter by violating the Charter

Under international law, and especially the Charter of the UN, Iraq is
absolutely right in refusing to cooperate with a resolution that was passed in
violation of the procedures demanded by the Charter. Implementing such resolutions
is a violation of international law, as Elias Davidsson explained in a message I
recently posted.

I wonder why anti-sanctions groups do not take this issue into consideration,
and why it is not used in our campaigns. Apart from Ramsey Clark, no group has
used this issue in its campaigns. I believe this is a very important issue that we
should adopt, given that Iraq's crime was violating international law.


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