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[casi] Israel Threatens to Nuke and Totally Destroy Iraq

Hello all,
here's another disturbing piece of information.
Who is the real danger in the Middle East Region? Iraq? Who has WMD? Iraq?
Who is threatening to use Nukes? Iraq?
No, it is the Zionist state Israel that creates the real danger in the
Dirk Adriaensens.


                             AND TOTALLY DESTROY IRAQ

 MID-EAST REALITIES - www.MiddleEast.Org - Washington - 8/15/2002:   It's a
crafty journalistic manuever sure to get the message out but in a way tied
to the U.S. rather than just a blunt warning publicly declared by
General/Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.  One of Israel's best known
military-affairs journalists raised the battle cry today in Israel's most
prestigious daily, Ha'aretz.  If Iraq, or anyone else for that matter,
causes any serious blows to Israel, the 'Jewish State' might, indeed in all
likelihood will, unleash it's vast arsenal of nuclear weapons, now thought
to be the fourth largest force in the world after the US, Russia, and China.
That same message was sent in another way earlier this year in fact when the
three new submarines Germany built for Israel were leaked to now be carrying
nuclear-tipped missiles and deployed ready-to-shoot, contrary to all the
assurances given to the Germans in years now past.
     The whole world is moving closer to potential armageddon now, propelled
by the psychological aftermath of last 11 September and all that led up to
that historic event in past decades.  From the sub-continent, where the
Kashmir crisis could erupt, to Asia, where the Taiwan crisis looms, to the
Middle East and its vast oilfields and immense tensions created by Israel's
military occupation of the Palestinian people; the world may now be on the
edge of catastrophy.

                            'If Attacked, Israel Might Nuke Iraq'
                                            By Ze'ev Schiff
 Ha'aretz - August 15, 2002:   If Iraq strikes at Israel with
non-conventional weapons, causing massive casualties among the civilian
population, Israel could respond with a nuclear retaliation that would
eradicate Iraq as a country. This grave assessment, from American
intelligence, was presented last week to the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations
 During the 1991 Gulf War, then U.S. defense secretary Richard Cheney, now
vice-president, told CNN that Israel could respond with nuclear weapons to
an Iraqi strike that included the use of chemical weapons. This assessment
has only been strengthened since then, because according to all the signs,
Iraq now has biological weapons that could cause mass casualties.
 According to one assessment, military-grade biological weapons can be
almost as lethal as a nuclear bomb.
 The U.S. intelligence assessments include an analysis of possible Israeli
responses. The lowest probability is that Israel would respond initially
with a conventional military retaliation if it is slightly harmed, and would
add a warning that a non-conventional response was possible if the Iraqi
attacks on the Israeli civilian population continued.
 The possibility of Israel using nuclear weapons against Iraq appears in a
document submitted by military expert Dr. Anthony Cordesman, a fellow at the
Center for Strategic and International Studies, to the Senate Foreign
Relations Committee. Presumably, the document is based, in part, on official
administration assessments.
 In the worst case scenario, writes Cordesman, Israel could face an
existential threat to important urban areas such as Tel Aviv or Haifa. Under
such conditions, it would threaten nuclear retaliation against Iraqi cities
and military forces to cease the [Iraqi] attack.
 If the Iraqi attack were to continue, and there was a lethal biological
strike on an Israeli city, Israel would certainly respond with nuclear
strikes against Iraqi cities that were not yet in the hands of American
forces, Cordesman says. Such an Israeli reaction could destroy Iraq as a
 Based on this assessment and the possibility of an Israeli retaliation in
the event of an Iraqi strike, it is presumed that the United States will, at
the earliest stages, make a special effort to neutralize any possible use of
Scud and El Hussein rockets that Iraq positions in its western regions, as
it did in the Gulf War, for a more convenient launching site for attacks
against Israel. During discussions in Washington, Israeli representatives
asked the United States to take action against the missiles in western Iraq.
The Americans know that Iraq is not depending only on long-range missiles in
its plans for using chemical or biological weapons against its enemies,
including Israel. As part of its preparations, Iraq has also been working on
developing pilotless planes. Unlike the usual development of drones used
primarily for intelligence gathering purposes, the Iraqis are working on
normal-sized planes loaded with chemical or biological weapons and intended
to be flown by remote control. They are working on an Eastern European
training plane and on a version of the MiG-21. Both planes have been tested.
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