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[casi] New Edition of RAMSEY CLARK'S book on IRAQ

Hello all,
here's an urgent call from the International Action Center about a new
edition of the best book that's been written about the Gulf War: "The fire
this Time" , by Ramsey Clark, in 1991.
Can you help the International Action Center in the emergency publication
and distribution of  this critically needed and widely acclaimed book?
Dirk Adriaensens.

 International Action Center
August 8, 2002

 International Action Center Announces
Fall Publication of New Edition of



 As the International Action Center mounts a full-scale
 international campaign to stop the Bush Administration
 from waging a new war against Iraq, we are rushing to
 publish a new edition of Ramsey Clark's groundbreaking
 book, "THE FIRE THIS TIME," an expose of U.S. war crimes
 in the 1991 Gulf war.

 We are rushing this book to publication so that tens of
 thousands of anti-war activists in the U.S. can use this
 book as part of an emergency campaign to educate and
 mobilize public opinion.

 This significant book contains comprehensive research
 unmatched by any other book on the Iraq war.  This NEW
 EDITION includes updated information on the deadly impact
 of economic sanctions on Iraqi civilians, which have been
 in place since August 1990.  A brand NEW INTRODUCTION will
 analyze how the Bush administration has opportunistically
 seized on the tragic events of September 11 to prepare a
 premeditated act of aggression, a war dictated by naked
 imperial ambitions in this oil-rich region rather than
 "fighting terrorism"--*a war that would violate all
 international laws.*

 WE NEED YOUR HELP! Can you help the International Action
 Center in the emergency publication and distribution of
 this critically needed and widely acclaimed book?

 The International Action Center's goal is to publish this
 book in mid-September.  The staff is donating our labor to
 do all of the work on this book--editing, proofreading,
 typesetting, writing copy and much more--because of our
 dedication and determination to get the truth out about
 U.S. war plans for Iraq today, U.S. war crimes in the 1991
 Gulf War, and to show the horrendous effects of the
 economic sanctions on the Iraqi people.

 The International Action Center appeals to our friends and
 supporters to help with the costs of printing, promotion,
 and international distribution of this important work.

 **A special acknowledgement section in the book will show
 appreciation to those who made a contribution to this
 effort by listing donors' names.  Donors can be sponsors
 of this book by contributing in one of many categories.**

 * Benefactor: $1,000
 * Sponsor: $500
 * Supporter: $250
 * Donor: $100
 * Friend: $50
 ** All who donate $50 will receive one copy of the book.


 1) You can give your tax-deductible donation for the "The
 Fire This Time" online at: (see "The Fire This Time"

 2) To phone in a credit card donation, call the IAC office
 at 212-633-6646.

 3) Or mail a check made out to "People's Rights Fund/The
 Fire This Time" to 39 W. 14 St., Rm. 206, New York, N.Y.

 *If you donate through the website, under the "comments"
 section, indicate if you wish your name to be listed in
 the book, or if you do not want that.  If you want a name
 listing, please spell out exactly to do it at the website.
If you mail in a check, also spell out how you want your
 name listed.

 You can also ORDER A COPY OF THE BOOK for $19.95 plus
 $5.00 shipping (for the 1st book, add $4.50 shipping each
 additional book).  Those making bulk orders of 10 or more
 book receive a 40% discount ($12 each). Send checks to the
 International Action Center, 39 W. 14 St., Rm. 206, New
 York, N.Y. 10011.  For inquiries, call 212-633-6646 or

 International Action Center
 39 W. 14 St., Rm. 206
 New York, N.Y. 10011
 Phone: 212-633-6646
 Fax: 212-633-2889

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