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[casi] Galloway meets Saddam

Anti-sanctions MP George Galloway was received by Iraqi President Saddam Hussein
this week, according to a report from today's MARIAM APPEAL newletter (ISM 489),
which cites Iraqi satellite TV.  (Mr. Galloway was instrumental in founding this
charity, named for Mariam Hamza.)

As best I can recall, this is the first meeting between Saddam and a Western
political figure since Venezuela's president visited Iraq two years ago.

Drew Hamre
Golden Valley, MN USA

[Snipped from the Iraq Sanctions Monitor Newsletter #489 (see]


Text of report by Iraqi satellite TV on 8 August

Mujahid leader President Saddam Husayn, may God watch over him, has received
George Galloway, British MP for the Labour Party.

During the meeting, Mr Galloway reviewed with the president the activities he,
along with several British political and trade unionist figures are performing,
as well as their calls for non-participation by Britain in the aggression
against Iraq the US administration of evil is threatening to launch.

These moves, Galloway added, are meant to safeguard good ties between Britain
and Iraq and also between Britain and the Arab nation. They are also designed to
safeguard peace in the Middle East.

Mr Galloway affirmed that a solution to the Iraqi issue must be pursued through
peaceful and diplomatic means. He also commended Iraqi overtures, including the
letter the foreign minister addressed to the UN Secretary-General [Kofi Annan]
in which he proposed the holding of a technical dialogue with the chairman and
members of Unmovic [United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection
Committee] and the letter the National Assembly speaker sent to the US Senate
president and the speaker of the US House of Representatives, in which he
invited them to visit Iraq, along with experts from various specialities, to
obtain a first-hand knowledge about the US administration's claims and unfounded
reports regarding weapons of mass destruction.

The leader president, may God protect him, commended the good efforts being made
by Mr Galloway and hoped that Britain would not participate in the anti-Iraq
aggression and would shun the foolish US policy.

The meeting was attended by Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz and Foreign
Minister Naji Sabri Ahmad.

Source: Iraqi Satellite Channel, Baghdad, in Arabic 1220 gmt 8 Aug 02

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