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[casi] BBC News 24

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Dear All,

Did anybody see Item, Reports and Interviews BBC News 24 @ 4 a.m. (UK time) this morning (Friday 
9th August)?  I am not sure if I caught all of it - but there was report from Iraq, translation of 
speech by SH  & more.

Talk was of coalition and change of regime (may be some  6 groups from Iraq who are working 
together in discussions) and an interview from USA with, I think, Prince Ali ?? AlHassen (please 
forgive gaps and spelling in name) about targeting SH, and not the people or the army for that 
matter.   Suggesting that because of the ambiguity of the US stance in 1991 when they might have 
got the lot, the people had managed to take 75% - and that there was no real reason not to expect 
similar from them in any future conflict; so trust should be put in the people of Iraq.

As a complete outsider, assuming I have roughtly interpreted the piece correctly, and whilst  being 
far less educated on the subject than most of the eloquent contributors to this List,  I was 
slightly heartened to hear some,  seemingly, sensible conversation which was far less 
"war-mongering" than has been of late, but still came up with something constructive which which 
others might be able to identify.

Despite all the very great differences, politics, views beliefs etc.,  there must be for everyone 
contributing to the List, is this worth further discussion and consideration?

I have no other details - sorry. It could be old news, but it was the first time I'd seen it.


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