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[casi] How do the Brits at large feel about invading Iraq?

In regard to the following article, some of us are
letting our hopes rise that the Brits who know what's
going on will stop British participation.  Then MAYBE
Bush will reconsider.  We are working to try to get
our congress to include Scott Ritter's testimony in
the hearings next week, though we think even a stall
in congress won't stop Bush from doing what he
pleases.  Please let us know of any polls that seem to
honestly indicate how a referendum would turn out

Lisa, Quoting:

Sunday Mirror

TONY Blair has clashed with President George Bush over
the go-ahead for a war on Saddam Hussein.

The PM wants a fresh mandate from the United Nations
for any military action.

He fears a split in the Government and a serious
diplomatic rift between the West and Middle East
states if the US and Britain go it alone. Foreign
office advisers have told him the present UN mandate
for sanctions against Iraq does not cover an armed
attempt to topple Saddam.

And they insist a new vote for action should be taken
by the UN security council, which would need the
backing of Russia and China. But Mr Bush wants to
press ahead with an attack to wrongfoot Saddam - and
before opposition builds up too far in
Western-friendly countries such as Jordan and Saudi

The rift raises the possibility of America going it
alone without British troops.

Full Article:

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