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[casi] Forthcoming study of interest

Dear All

Many thanks to Per for translating that interview with Ekeus. It seems to
be the most forthright he has yet been on the manipulation of Unscom, and
very helpful in changing perspectives on the impasse over weapons
inspectors in Iraq and the breakdown of trust between the UN and Iraq.

He mentions a Yale University study that will include more information
about the "attempts by governments to exercise their influence" on Unscom.
This seems to the study projected for release by Greenwood Publishing
Group on 30 November this year by Jean Krasno and James Sutterlin of the
United Nations Studies project at Yale University. Brief descriptions of
the book are appended below.

The Greenwood site from which the publication data comes seems to be down
at the moment, but the information is cached on google.

One to recommend for politicians', journalists' and activists' Christmas
reading lists, maybe?



With the support of the United States Institute of Peace (USIP), Jean
Krasno and James Sutterlin are conducting a study of the origin and
functioning of the United Nations Special Commission (UNSCOM). In this
study, they will consider UNSCOM's relationship with the International
Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), other UN organizations and Member States, and
the significance of its unique mandate to eliminate weapons of mass
destruction in a sovereign state through intrusive inspections,
verification and destruction. They expect to have a complete draft of
their manuscript, entitled The United Nations and Iraq: Defanging the
Viper, by fall 2001.

YALE UNIVERSITY, New Haven, CT (Project Director(s): Jean E. Krasno &
James Sutterlin): A research project to assess the experience of the
United Nations Special Commission (UNSCOM) established to investigate and
eliminate Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. Based on UN and other
documents, and interviews with UNSCOM participants, International Atomic
Energy Agency staff and others, the resulting book will explore the role
and mandate of UNSCOM in the context of the UN system, its successes and
failures, and its utility as a model for future UN weapons inspection and
elimination programs. (040-99S) $35,000

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