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[casi] Kurdish State without Kirkuk is fine by Turkey

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Kurdish State without Kirkuk is fine by Turkey - By R. M. Ahmad   21 July 2002

Informed Sources state that Hussein Qifriq Aughlu, a high ranking officer
in Turkish army, has told Paul Wolfowitz, the Assistant Secretary of USA
Defence Minister, that Turkey would interfere directly if a Kurdish State,
which included Kirkuk, was established.

During the meeting at Turkish Army Head Quarter, he pointed to Kurdistan
City of Kirkuk on an Iraqi Kurdistan map and said: If a condition, not
acceptable to us, developed in North Iraq, especially in Kirkuk as the
consequences of your coming military operations, that would be very
sensitive to us and I would like to inform you that we shall interfere
directly in the region in case a Kurdish State with Kirkuk established.” He
stressed that Turkmans, living in Kirkuk, concern Turkey a lot. He added
that he, himself, was a Turkman descendant.

The Assistant Secretary of USA Defence Minster was on a visit to Turkey to
persuade Turks to give up their support for sources of terror and terrorism
in Iraq and give up their objection to eradicate these sources of terror
and terrorism through a military campaign to liberate Iraq from these
sources of terror and terrorism and eradicating them.

The Turks have made many demands from the USA as a price for their
cooperation with the USA against sources of terror and terrorism in Iraq.
It seems that the Assistant Secretary of USA Defence Minister has not
agreed on all their demands like allowing Turkey to take over Kirkuk. That
is why Turkish Officials now playing a different game, knocking on the door
of Kurds and calling: O.K. If we get Kirkuk you can have your Kurdish
State. Otherwise they directly interfere if this new Kurdish State includes

These Turkish Officials are really shortsighted. If Iraqi Kurds seeking
separation and accepted the existing crumbs without Kirkuk, most probably
Saddam Hussein would have been the first one in history who recognised an
independent Kurdish State. It is Ironic that these Turkish Officials, the
product of a 600-year-old empire intellect and culture, are so incapable to
recognise requirements of the modern world and how incapable to comprehend
that in 21st century you cannot do any thing you want because you have an
extremely strong armed forces.

These armed forces, Turkish armed forces, built on the back of their
population and caused Turkey to become a source of cheap labour for
European Labour Market and depend on the IMF and USA hand outs for its
survival. This is really a good final product of a 600-year-old Ottoman
Empire. A product, Turkish Republic, which take children to court for
demanding to study in their mothers’ tongue or imprisoning an elected
Kurdish legislator for wearing Kurdish costumes and depriving 20 million
Kurds, under its control, from their basic rights.

Their character and frames of mind, which are very far from 21st Century,
still reflect their original Ottoman root when they contacted Europe during
European renaissance for the first time. During that time, Ottoman
Europeanised ruling class was mainly influenced by Germans who were very
proud for being Germans because of their potential to make Germany a strong
Industrialised European Country.

However, this newly bred Turkish Social Class misunderstood why the Germans
were proud of their being as Germans. They imitated Germans but as being
proud of their being as Turks. Accordingly they corrupted the concept. The
Germans were proud as Germans for an achievement, making Germany a strong
industrialised country. But this newly bred Turkish Social Class became as
proud Turks for no reason. But it gave them a sense of purpose in a sense
that they felt superior over none Turks. In another word, they invented the
concept of racial superiority. Off course, in their case, Turks were the
superior race.

After their invention, they discovered their nightmare, Ottoman Empire was
made up mainly from none Turks and Turks represented only a small fraction
of the population of the Empire. This created a sense of insecurity and
paranoia as they lost in an unknown territory just like their forefathers
when they lost but saved by a grey wolf. So they started to look for
another grey wolf to save them and they found one, which was the forced
Turkification of none Turkish subjects of the Empire to Turkish.

But this time, their new Grey Wolf was not so faithful. It brought down
their empire over their head. All none-Turkish Subjects of the Empire
started fighting back the policy of forced Turkification and kicked out the
Turkish Rulers from their lands to become independent. So their new Grey
Wolf cost them their empire.

The irony is that they have not yet learnt a lesson. Because of their sense
of insecurity and paranoia, they are still following their new Grey Wolf.
That is way they have deprived 20 million Kurds under their control from
their basic human rights in the hope that they, the Kurds, will convert to
Turks. But their new Grey Wolf has let them down. The Kurds didn’t convert
to Turks, but converted to 20 million mountains hanging by a string over
their heads.

This has created their worst nightmares. Because of their insecurity from
being crushed by these 20 million mountains, they have invested all their
resources into their armed forces as well as joined Nato. So this product
of a 600 year old Empire supposed to have prospered as good as Germans or
Japanese but instead it has ended up as a provider of cheap labour to
Europe and if it is not because of the hand outs of IMF and USA it will
crumble to the finish because of their paranoia and insecurity.

It is the duty of the free world to keep them at bay to prevent them to
interfere in the affairs of Kurdistan and Iraq after the liberation of
Iraq. They already represent a time bomb to breed terror and terrorism. If
they put their nose into the affairs of Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan after
liberation, the whole region inflames creating breeding ground for terror
and terrorism to threaten the peace and tranquillity of the free world.

The Free World has to recognise that the complete eradication of the
conditions, which breed terror and terrorism, can come about only through a
free and democratic social environment and the foundation of this free and
democratic social environment has already been established in Iraqi
Kurdistan. Not only that, the character of Kurdish Leadership is a right
character fits with the requirements of a free and democratic social
environment. They are secure and have trust in themselves.

This has proved through the Iraqi Kurdistan democratic experiment. Kurdish
Leaders travel all over the world as the world belongs to them. Despite all
obstacles and difficulties, they have recognised the cultural and political
rights of all diversities in Kurdistan as an obligation not as a favour.
All diversities in Iraqi liberated Kurdistan have their own publications,
radios, TVs and schools in their mother tongues as well as enjoying their
full democratic rights. This is a lot. When compared with a country like
Turkey we see what Kurds have achieved in the field of civil society in ten
years is a lot more than what the Turks have achieved in 600 years.

Iraqi Kurdistan Democratic Experiment is a starting point to create a civil
society in the whole region as a sure guarantee against any condition which
breed terror and terrorism. Accordingly it is the duty of the free world
after the liberation of Iraq to ensure Iraqi Kurdistan region, as an Iraqi
Federated State, includes all areas, especially Kirkuk, which were
historically and are geographically parts of Kurdistan.

This is especially applies on Kirkuk. Kurds have proved that they can
spearhead the establishment of a civil society in the region as a sure
guarantee against terror and terrorism against the free world. This quest
needs resources and these resources exist in Kirkuk oilfields. In addition
to this, it is necessary for Kirkuk to be included within Iraqi Kurdistan
Federated State as a fair share of natural resources between new Iraqi
Federated States.

It is vitally important for the free world to keep Turkey at bay, not to
take over Kirkuk. Turkish Ruling class are insecure and paranoiac exactly
like Saddam Hussein. If they take over Kirkuk, they will inflame the region
from Mediterranean to China border in a long-term turmoil threatening the
security of free world. They use Turkman cause as an excuse, which is not
valid because Turkmans have never had it so good within Iraqi Liberated
Kurdistan since the establishment of the state of Iraq.

They claim they want to protect Turkmans from the Kurds but they never came
by words or deeds to protect Turkmans from tyranny and atrocity of Saddam
Hussein against Turkmans. Today, Turkmans enjoy their full democratic
rights in Iraqi liberated Kurdistan. But where they, Turkmans, live under
Iraqi Government, their properties confiscated, their rights violated and
forcefully deported to south Iraq or Liberated Kurdistan. So whom Turkey
bluffs? Certainly only itself.

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