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[casi] Plaid Cymru-Datganiadau i'r Wasg: Anti-war rally in Swansea

Dear list members,


Though a bit 'overripe' a message, I think, it's deserving a reminder.

Also see Plaid Cymru's 'Archif y Wasg' for their vocal stands against the
Afghanistan bombing raids, Blairism etc.



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Plaid Cymru - the Party of Wales

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Gorffennaf 19fed.....July 19th 2002

European Leader to speak at Swansea anti-war rally

Plaid Cymru the Party of Wales’ European Leader will address a rally in
Swansea tomorrow (Saturday, 20 July) when she will call on Tony Blair to
listen to public opinion and resist US plans to launch military action
against Iraq.

Jill Evans MEP, who is also Plaid Cymru International Affairs Spokesperson,
will join protestors at Castle Square from 2pm. She said:

"We oppose military action by the USA and Britain against Iraq as it would
have no legal or moral justification, and would intensify international
tension and conflict. It would also inevitably lead to the death of many
more innocent people.

"Tony Blair must understand that there is enormous opposition to an attack
on Iraq with cross-party support for Plaid Cymru’s view that the United
Nations alone should decide on the course of action to be taken."

Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales is also calling for the lifting of the
economic sanctions which have caused so much misery and suffering for the
Iraqi people. It says that there is no justification for the sanctions
following Iraq's withdrawal from Kuwait and their abolition would act as an
effective incentive for Iraq to co-operate on the international level.

Jill Evans MEP, who is chair of CND Cymru and represents the whole of Wales
in the European Parliament, added:

"There must be consistency in the international response to breaches of UN
Resolutions. Iraq for example is being treated very differently to Israel."

The rally takes place at Castle Square, Swansea tomorrow (Saturday, 20th
July) starting at 2pm.


Meleri Evans
Swyddog y Wasg a Chyfathrebu/Press and Communications Officer
Plaid Cymru The Party Of Wales
Ffon/Phone: T: 029 2064 6000
Symudol/Mobile: 07939 270821

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