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[casi] How to stop the next war/Resources

  Traprock Peace Centre
  103A Keets Road
  Deerfield, MA 01342
  413 773-7427--

  1.      HOW TO STOP THE NEXT WAR, July 23, 7pm, Boston

Reaching out to 19 states -- Do you have a contact there?


Traprock helps bring Scott Ritter to Boston Tuesday, July 23, Suffolk
University Law School, 120 Tremont street, across from the Park Street T
station. Follow signs to room 295. Martin Voelker will tape this event for
us on digital equipment.


A PERSUASIVE SPEECH: Audio CD of Scott Ritter in Boston, or in Gloucester (a
very strong appeal to ask the tough question at Senate hearings, 53 min.) or
order a cassette of an inteview done  for WMUA, mostly on the history and
the success of weapons inspection. May we suggest a $10 which will help
cover handling and $3.85 for priority mail.

We are also circulating copies at Green Fields Market; see Suzanne Carlson.
At Mt. Toby Meeting ask George Levinger.

At U-Mass ask Scott Morris. Feel free to make copies.


Interfaith Mtg to stop the war — St. Marys church, Northampton, 7 pm Tues,
Aug 13
                              *       *       *       *       *       *
Dear Friends,

Success!  — Sen. Joseph Biden, Jr. says he will hold hearings on US plans
for war in Iraq  before and after the summer
recess. But a Senate Foreign Relations Committee aide confirmed today by
phone that hearings will be held next week, July 29--> with only 2-3 days

Scott Ritter warns that Biden wants a regime change in Iraq. Focusing on
that end-game could distract the public from the issue of whether Iraq poses
any threat and arguments against going to war in Iraq.

There is always a chance that hearings can be arranged to move Senators
toward easiest choices in an election year.  But timely evidence is also of
interest to an often disinterested public and can build a ground swell of
opposition, so crucial right now. We believe ordinary people across the
country will respond if they get to hear Scott’s compelling message ...
“Iraq was disarmed.”

Help tell activists and media contacts at universities, peace centers, radio
stations, etc. that disamament works!   We’ve distributed twenty of Scott
Ritter’s powerful appeal for public participation to hold our
representatives accountable. Your colleagues, friends and relatives in these
states could have a great influence. I think they’d be inspired to hear
Scott on the CD. We’ve begun to help arrange speaking appearances in some of
these states. Which tough question will you urge Senators to ask?

       Senate Foreign Relations Committee
      Joseph Biden D-DE,            Jesse Helms R-NC,
      Paul Sarbanes D-MD,         Richard Lugar R-IN,
      Chris Dodd D- CT,               Chuck Hagel R-NE,
      John Kerry D-MA,                Gordon Smith R-OR,
      Russell Feingold D-WI,       Bill Frist R-TN,
      Paul Wellstone D-MN,         Lincoln Chafee R-RI,
      Barbara Boxer D-CA,           George Allen R-VA,
      Robert Torricelli D-NJ,         Sam Brownback R-KS,
      Bill Nelson D-FL,                 Michael Enzi R-WY.
      Jay Rockefeller D-WV,

  The Congress Switchboard number is (202) 224-3121.

We’ve faxed many letters to inspire and hold accountable our own reps, and
continue that effort. Eight of your neighbors met with Senator Kerry’s
foreign affairs aid here on Friday afternoon. Elders and youth from 80 to 20
spoke eloquently on the many reasons to take leadership opposing a war that
could send 70,000-250,000 ground troops off to the killing fields. We sent
an armful of flowers, a pint of sweet raspberries, and a framed cartoon of a
child pointing out the missile a grown-up is hiding behind his back, back to
the Senator’s Boston office. Our caption read, “Thanks for noticing.” Scott
Morris described both his fear provoking greater hostility and outrage among
Arabs and the crumbling state of his school, U-Mass, Amherst.  Frances
Crowe’s parting words were, “Give ‘em hell.” And as George Levinger put it,
with the heat of global warming and fires in so many states, isn’t it time
we and people in Washington start paying more attention to “Terra-ism” than

- - - -
Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed

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