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[casi] A Suggestion

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Dear CASI Members,
My name is Hadi and I am an Anglo/Iraqi post-graduate MA History student. Forgive me for not giving 
my full name or more personal information about myself as seems to be the custom on CASI E-Mail 
List. I have always held a rule of not releasing too much personal information on the internet for 
the whole world to see. I feel guilty to admit that I am a silent reader of CASI's E-Mail service, 
who is committed against sanctions against Iraq, but who is too pessimistic to engage in direct 
personal action. I know therefore after this honest admission that I do not have a right to offer a 
suggestion and deserve to be criticised if not condemned for my pessimistic stance. But I thought 
that I should raise this issue as nobody else has.
I have read that the new Anglican Arch-Bishop of Canterbury, Dr Williams, is opposed to a new war 
against Iraq. I have only heard him speak once on this issue (I think it was the Today Programme on 
BBC Radio 4) and it seemed to me that his personal opposition was based on general Christian values 
against war and his distaste for American unilateralism rather than due to an in-depth knowledge of 
the whole Iraq saga (the inhumanity of sanctions, the myth of Iraq's threat to its neighbours, or 
WMD potential etc.). It has been said that he is a liberal activist and given his position he has a 
high profile. It occurred to me that as he would have a higher media profile than unfortunately any 
member of CASI and therefore it would be worthwhile if a senior member of CASI should write to or 
ring DR William's office for an appointment for a face-to-face interview. He is already sympathetic 
to calls against a renewed war against Iraq and perhaps a senior CASI member can arrange an 
appointment during which they can improve his knowledge of the whole Iraq saga (e.g. the history of 
the impact of sanctions etc) so that when he appears on mainstream media he is better informed to 
speak and more authoritative in his opposition to a new war against Iraq and sanctions.
I am guessing that he is probably at this current time overwhelmed with interview requests from the 
mainstream media and other pressure groups on a variety of causes. But I think it would still be 
valuable for a senior member for CASI to request a personal interview on sanctions (regardless of 
how long it takes) which can be posted on CASI's website and in its literature. Once and if the 
interview is granted that senior member of CASI could then use the opportunity of the meeting to 
briefly and lucidly explain the impact of sanctions in order that he will be aware of the various 
realities ignored by mainstream media when he speaks to the mainstream media on issues related to 
Best Regards All Hadi.

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