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Re: [casi] The Sweeney.

Dear Felicity & List,

The 'scholarly bit' was in your message. As for my own wording, 'biased'?
Quite possible. 'One-sided? Likewise. The 'rant',
for which I make no apologies, was, at least, my own. - What worries me
about your List writings, Felicity, is that it looks like, in your books,
official Iraq is incapable of ever doing anything wrong. Speaking
personally, if I am questioning  or critical about the UK/US governments,
why should I not be allowed to use similar criteria for Iraq? So much for
'one-sided rant'!
Greetings,  Bert.

>From: "farbuthnot" <>
>To: Bert Gedin <>,,
>Subject: Re: [casi] The Sweeney.
>Date: Sun, 21 Jul 2002 18:06:42 +0100
>But where was the 'scholarly bit' this was a biased, by definition, one
>sided,  rant - best, f.
> >
> > Hi - It hasn't been my intention to make out that Sweeney had all the
> > answers, and provided them. First-hand knowledge IS very important. It
> > also possible, I believe, to make up for lack of personal first-hand
> > know-how, yet to become quite 'expert' at something (certainly not me!).
> > can write a scholarly book, e.g. on the Roman Empire, or on the Spanish
> >

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