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[casi] Fw: up for discussion, a suggestion?

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From: g
Sent: Wednesday, July 17, 2002 11:52 AM
Subject: up for discussion, a suggestion?

How about we organize a massive "sit-in" in Iraq, the next time a bombing or attack is planned 
against Iraq?
As I envision it, it would go something like this: All foreign citizens who do not support these 
attacks, would arrange, through various means, to go to Iraq, and sit there, during the time when 
these attacks are scheduled to occur. (with the blessing and help of Saddam only, of course) This 
would be especially effective (I think) if a large number of British and American citizens 
participated. It would be the equivalent of  saying "If you attack them, you attack us, your own 
citizens, as well" Of course, it would be difficult, & costly, many would need help to arrange for 
passports, (& probably need to be smuggled in), airfare, whatever was needed. Perhaps it could also 
be used as a way to protest the sanctions? Let American and British and other foreign citizens all 
go and suffer with the Iraqi citizens, until the sanctions end. Could Saddam be convinced to open 
his doors to those who would wish to participate in such a protest, possibly for long periods of 
time? It might also serve to tighten bonds between foreigners and the Iraqi people as well, and 
dispel some of the myths about the Iraqi government, as being a "ruthless" dictatorship", if it 
could be shown and witnessed that the foreigners who participated in this "sit-in" were treated 
well, during their stay there. There would be interesting "repercussions", bound to attract 
international attention, nations threatening to revoke the citizenship of those participating, 
families protesting the ousting of their loved ones, and/or the potential bombing of their own 
citizens, etc.. It could cause quite a ruckus! (and force some who don't yet, to realize that 
Iraqi's are human beings, the same as anyone else, from anywhere else) Just a thought. (If you like 
it, take the ball and run with it. I'll play!)

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