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Re: [casi] Foxy Propaganda?

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I happened to see the same thing last night.  I think it may have actually
played several times.  My sense is that it is probably not part of a larger
plot as much as it is an observation by a cable news screaming head.  I think
it is relatively popular in the USA to speak about how generous we are and
how unappreciative the rest of the world is, the world that benefits from our
benevolent aide....right!

I wondered the same as you Bert.  I thought it was less a direct threat and
more of an individual trying to create some news, by inciting advertisers
etc.  I have read articles about outraged advertisers as well as consumers
retaliating towards news, local and national, if they did not report the news
in a 'palatable' fashion.  Allegedly CNN and others had sent out memos asking
reporters not to report Afghan casualties etc.  It is an interesting side
effect of capitalism/democracy that the reporting of news is affected by the
consumer and the advertiser, that journalism is more about what the public is
willing to hear and what the advertiser is willing to pay for (Politically
Correct was cancelled after comments made by Bill Mahr offended some, calls
went out by outraged consumers and advertisers as well as politicians and the
screaming heads of cable) rather than what is actually happening in the
world.  I see less of the politicians and more of the C and A affecting what
we see here.  In other systems the state controls  the news directly...seems
to me to be two sides of the same coin.  BTW, I realize that during times
like these the US government does intervene directly in limiting information
as well.
I have begun to ramble.
I am very interested in what the rest of you think as well.

Roger Stroope
Peace is a Human Right
Austin College

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