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[casi] Foxy Propaganda?

Dear All on List,

Could you please help with this? Last night (Sunday, 14 July), I was,
half-heartedly, watching 'Fox News', I think at about 9.30 p.m. Then my
attention became mobilised: the (lady) newscaster decried anti-American
sentiments, expressed in the British media. The camera made, at least,
3(!) sweeps, during the few-minutes item, of a John Pilger front-page
'Daily Mirror' article, depicting President G.W.B. and describing the
U.S. as a "Rogue State". The newscaster spoke of U.S. financed ads, in
'The Mirror', as well as U.S. shares. She suggested it was not a good idea,
for 'The Mirror', to "bite the hand that feeds it".

I looked up the Fox website, today, but couldn't find this, very intriguing,
item. Should it be regarded as trivial news, or is there something more
sinister afoot, e.g. attempts to smear, or repress, free expression, and
controll the media? Is any 'puppeteer' manouvering strings, behind the
scene? I am, by the way, very much, an admirer of those exponents of genuine
journalism, who resist the war-mongering propaganda, perhaps even from Fox

Bert Gedin, Birmingham, U.K.

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