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[casi] Forthcoming events

A) National Co-ordinating Meeting
B) Mass die-in at Faslane


The next National Co-ordinating Meeting for UK anti-sanctions campaigners is
taking place in Birmingham on Sunday 28th July between 11am and 4pm.

The venue is: 145 Clydesdale Tower, Holloway Road, Birmingham (a 5 minute
walk from Birmingham New Street).

[Directions to Clydesdale Tower: exit New Street station through the
righthand doors (NOT up the escalators) and carry on until you get to a
major road (Small Brook Queen's Way). Turn right into this road and carry on
until you get to a traffic island. Go under the underpass to the block of
flats on the lefthand side of the island. This is Clydesdale Tower. If you
get lost ring Sarah on 0798 514 2224.]

For more information contact voices on 0845 458 2564 (local rate call).


Mass nonviolent action called by voices in the wilderness uk (0845 458 2564)
and Trident Ploughshares (0845 458 8366).

BACKGROUND: Hoon's Nuclear Threats against Iraq.

In March, British Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon told the House of Commons
Select Committee on Defence that states like Iraq 'can be absolutely
condident that in the right conditions we would be willing to use our
nuclear weapons.' Asked again in the Commons on 29 April, Hoon said,
'ultimately and in conditions of extreme self-defence, nuclear weapons would
have to be used.' Hoon was hinting that in a US-led war, Britain might fire
a nuclear missile from a British Trident submarine at Iraq.


On 6th August, 57 years after Hiroshima, 12 years after economic sanctions
were imposed on Iraq, Trident Ploughshares and voices in the wilderness uk
are holding a mass 'die-in' at the Trident submarine base at Faslane,

**Don't fire trident at Iraq! No war on Iraq! Abolish all weapons of mass

Please join us. A nonviolence workshop will take place on Monday evening and
the die-in will start at 8am on Tuesday 6th August. Tent space / some beds
available. [Please note that before taking part in the die-in, you must have
attended a nonviolence preparation workshop run by TP or voices.]

For more information e-mail voices at or call
0845 458 2564 (local rate call).
If you’re coming and will be travelling from (or through) London, we may be
able to help you reduce your travel costs. Advance group train bookings
(currently still available) can reduce the price of the London - Glasgow -
London part of the journey to as little as £22.50 per person and we may be
able to hook you up with some other folk so that you can take advantage of
this. However this option won’t be open forever!

Voices in the Wilderness UK
a campaign to break the immoral economic sanctions
against the people of Iraq


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