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[casi] The Dangers of an Attack on Iraq: Jordan - Nuclear Flashpoint?

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The Dangers of an Attack on Iraq:
Jordan - Nuclear Flashpoint?
by Felicity Arbuthnot

A flurry of reports saying the US has deployed Special Forces to Jordan
with a view to infiltrating Iraq from Jordan's eastern border, to gather
intelligence and ultimately invade gives rise to the possibility of a new
nuclear flashpoint.

Jordan and the US have developed strong military links over the years, with
frequent 'war games' with live ammunition undertaken in the desert south of
the capitol, Amman. The most recent was last March when a ten day exercise
was held called Infinite Anvil, involving a reported hundred US marines and
sailors. Harrier fighter jets and fighters from the USS Wasp were moved to
the Jordan's King Faisal Jordanian Air Base at Al Jafr, for the duration,
according to Stratfor, a leading global intelligence source.

Stratfor's analysts fear that an invasion of Iraq from Jordan's eastern
border, may be planned and that Iraq might seek to pre-empt such an
invasion by attacking Jordan. Further an attack on Iraq by the US would to
lead to certain massive uprising against the invasion in Jordan, Egypt and
the Arab world, plus the possibility of attack on US troops in Iraq from
Syria could lead to Israel fearing for its existence triggering its
resorting to the use of nuclear weapons.

A large US military deployment in Jordan, reasons Stratfor, would also
deter Syrian involvement as far as Washington is concerned. However, not in
Washington's equation, it seems are the close historical ties and
sympathies in Jordan, for Iraq. The majority population is Palestinian. As
a result of the 1991 Gulf war, the country took in almost its own
population in refugees displaced by the conflict, many Iraqis, who also
have arrived in a steady flow since, escaping the rigors of the near twelve
year embargo.

The influx has made the government more dependent on Washington for aid and
the people acutely aware of US dominance and perceived manipulation. There
is resentment on many levels. One impact was Jordan having to divert water
from its arid eastern desert to the capitol, to provide for the increased
population. As a result numerous subsistence farmers lost their livelihood
and livestock died of thirst.

According to a new Report by Colonel Warner D. Farr for the US Air Force
Counter Proliferation Center (USCPC) Israel has four hundred nuclear
weapons, some of which are hydrogen bombs, a 'boosted' nuclear bomb up to a
thousand times stronger powered than a regular nuclear weapon. It produces
immense heat and a shock waves affecting an 'extensive area'. Until now it
was thought that the US, Britain, France, China and Russia alone possessed
them. (Ironically, the USCPC Report points out that it is the US which is
largely responsible the proliferation of Israel's nuclear weapons.)

President Bush has clearly stated that the US now reserves the right to
first use of nuclear weapons, even on non nuclear states. It seems unlikely
to deter ally Israel from possibly catastrophic escalation, leading to
potential vaporization of much of the region.

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