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[casi] War due to failed sanctions?

War due to failed sanctions?

I am writing in response to the recent article printed in the New York Times
that suggests there is a blueprint plan of attack against Iraq.

To me, it seems the whole idea of an "attack" itself on Iraq is criminal.
Although Bush has claimed countless times that there are no plans on his
desk for an attack (in hopes of possibly easing tensions), these reports
surfacing will cause an uproar on both sides.

The military combat document, CentCom Courses of Action, suggests an attack
from three sides (south, west and north) using thousands of marines and
soldiers to race into war.  Although this appears to be a likely course of
action when looking at America's  notorious track record for uncivilised
response, I somehow have trouble believing that the government sees this
plan as reasonably sane.

Surely not using thousands of marines and soldiers to resolve an issue that
easily resolved by UN inspectors (in a clearly non-violent manner) is the
better choice. There appears an easier solution, but for whatever politcally
motivated reason, the US and UK refuse to co-operate.

Approaching the 12 year anniversary of the United Nation's imposed sanctions
on Iraq for the invasion of Kuwait, one must look at the result and wonder
what a war will do to Iraq at this point. Possibly another Afghanistan? The
sanctions have proven inhumane and if war is imminent - then completely
ineffective. It will be a difficult thing to admit that the UN's sanctions
were a failure.

One must wonder if the UN will think twice about imposing sanctions again in
other circumstances?

What are your thoughts on the recent news?

Anai Rhoads

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