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[casi] Mass funerals

If the minefield of Middle East politics is hard to negotiate, the idea of
making a programme on Iraq from Kurdistan - a political minefield of another
dimension (and bags of CIA money) is a bit like making a programme on
Palestine from Tel Aviv.

Thoughts: storing babies in fridges in Najav - where the electricity barely
staggers along a few hours a day, don't think so. Further, I doubt the
regime would risk further rage and conflict in the south, they have enough
to contend with. Religion and culture wise, not to bury within 12 hours is
unthinkable - at any level. In my experience of too many lost fledgling
lives of a few days old is the despair of the medical staff as anywhere on
earth, but with the added dimension of knowing they could have usually had a
different outcome, with the right medication and equipment - and the despair
of a collapsing, keening mother, who either leaves with her baby or if
beyond that, the grandmother and family remove the baby for burial.

With older children, often there is simply no money for a funeral as all has
often been sold to buy medication. As the government paid for weddings a few
years ago, they went on to pay for funerals.
If there is an element of publicity (and who knows, but I do know that child
mortality in Iraq is a searing wound on the soul of the nation) 'we the
people of the United Nations' should hang our heads in shame that these
children are losing their lives at the alter of oil and political dominance
- and that such a step to draw our attention to it, might be contemplated.
Viet Nam and Laos have their mountains of sculls to remind of western
atrocities, the concentration camps have their worldwide memorials - one
could list numerous world wide, reminders of man's inhumanity to man, woman
and child - is Iraq alone, to be denied even its expression of a unique
historic crime?

Thoughts, best, f.

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