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[casi] Re: Regime Change Update

Dear listmembers,
I'd like to add to the useful article by Bob Allen and suggest that US
pronouncements about required troop numbers be treated cautiously.
Milan Rai of Voices UK has argued, convincingly in my
opinion, that the preferred US policy option is probably ``leadership
change'' rather than ``regime change.'' Bob Allen's article supports that
view with its analysis of US policy towards the Kurds and Shia etc. If
that's true, then it's possible that the US does not seriously intend to
commit 200,000 troops to Iraq but feels it can achieve its goal with massive
bombing/covert action/bribery/threats/military coup etc. instead. The
effect of the figure of 200,000 troops being bandied about might be that
people who think only of US/British lives feel relieved when ``only''
bombing turns out to be ``enough'' (for leadership change). Bombing then
appeals to liberal sensibilities as the ``moderate'' policy option
compared to the ``extreme'' option of committing huge numbers of troops
(the usual tactic of framing debate within very narrow boundaries). We've
already seen this attitude emerging in commentary in the Independent and
Guardian. I'm not claiming that the figure of 200,000 troops is
deliberately put about by the US Government to make a huge bombing
campaign seem more palatable (maybe it is, maybe it isn't) but it can
have that effect and we should be aware of it.

Fay Dowker

>Regime Change Update

>The Bush administration has defined a war on Iraq as its second phase of
>war on terrorism. It pledges a campaign far beyond the British and US air
>institutionalized in the Clinton presidency.  In May, for example US
>bombed Iraq four times. This new plan also goes beyond the twelve-year
>economic siege of Iraq maintained by US dominance over a cooperative
>Nations Security Council. The sanctions have claimed the lives of
hundreds of
>thousands of Iraqis. With its "Regime Change" strategy Bush
>officials have expressed a willingness to commit as many as 200,000 US
>for a full-scale invasion of Iraq. After several months of commitment to
>course, how goes the planning for the new war on Iraq?

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