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[casi] In reply to Mr Buckley

Hi Mr Buckley

Thank you for your reply.  I totally understand your views, but I think you
have not understood me.  Let me briefly explain.
I agree that the atrocities committed by the US regime should result in a
regime change in the US but I can't see this happening, mainly because of
their rich political position in the world.  However, the atrocities
committed in Iraq are different from the US's.  For example, the US have not
used chemical weapons against their own people and had a civil war.  Yes, it
has massacred many people around the world for instance the Vietnamese (not
‘good guys’ are they?…. See your e-mail below) but it hasn't massacred and
executed its own people (which still doesn’t make them ‘good guys’).  The
Iraqis have experienced both, war against other countries by the regime and
a war against them by the regime.  If there is a need for a regime change in
the US for the atrocities they have committed, then there's a more urgent
need for a regime change in Iraq.
I hope thats clear.

Peace be upon you.


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Subject: Re: [casi] In reply to Mr Stroope
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2002 09:11:08 +0100

Hi Mr Al-Hilli,

You make the point that the one cannot compare US atrocities with Baath
atrocities. Why not? Why don't we ask the families of the between 2 and 4
million Indo-Chinese killed in the US aggression against Vietnam, Cambodia
and Laos, if regime change is required in the US? With respect I must say
that I think you are using a double standard, which makes the US look like
the good guys. Just because it was the Vietnamese who were massacred and not
US citizens does not make it any less of an atrocity.

Best wishes,   Tim

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