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[casi] Do Not sign "nuclear disarmament" Petition

Do Not sign "nuclear disarmament" Petition

One of our supporters sent us notice of an "urgent call to end nuclear
weapons" initiated by David Cortright, Randy Forsberg, and Jonathan Schell.
This "disarmament" petition calls for UN weapons inspection on Iraq.

The fourth point of the petition calls on the United States to:
Strengthen nonproliferation efforts by ratifying the Comprehensive Test  Ban
Treaty, finalizing a missile ban in North Korea, supporting UN inspections in
Iraq, locating all fissile material worldwide, and negotiating  a global ban
on fissile-material production.

For those unfamiliar with the legacy of UN weapons inspectors in Iraq, it is
worth remembering a few facts. Prior to their exit in 1998, UN weapons
inspections were thoroughly discredited by revelations of spying for Iraq's
military opponent, the US. Under the cloak of UN legitimacy these teams
provided top secret Iraqi military intelligence not to the United Nations,
but to the United States. They provided targeting information for the US
bombing attacks on Iraq.

For years the Clinton administration justified major US bombing attacks on
Iraq because of its alleged failure to cooperate with the demands of these UN
weapons inspection teams. And now the current US administration is
threatening a full-scale invasion of Iraq because it is not cooperating with
UN weapons inspection. Demanding weapons inspection and Iraq's disarmament in
the face of the ongoing US and British bombings (there were four bombing
attacks against Iraq last month) does not challenge, but contributes to, the
prevalent war hysteria in the US against Iraq.

Kitty Bryant
Bob Allen,
Campaign to End the Sanctions
Philadelphia PA

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