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Dear All
Peggy in her posting  “Human Rights Watch Traveling Film Festival - Home Page” June 06, 2002 10:06 
AM. Said:
<<The only film that talks about Iraq in this festival is one entitled  "Stealing the Fire" which 
talks about one Karl - Heinz Schaab who according to the film , sold Nuclear secrets to  the 
countries of Pakistan and Iraq. I find it  troubling , how the right wing of the USA uses every 
available access to convince convince a population that war against Iraq is justifiable.>>

I find it appalling that HRW has jumped on the band wagon of the pentagon to advocate "regime 
change American style". America, no doubt, will use its "peace and humanitarian" instruments of 
B-1, B-2, Crouse missiles; Carpet Bombing, Thermobaric bombs and god know what else to save us 
(Iraqis) from "the atrocities" of Saddam Hussein. Those of us who are shredded to pieces by the 
"humanitarian" bombs are to be blamed because we didn't run fast enough to avoid the "legitimate" 
target. Those us who get killed in schools, hospitals, mosques.. is Saddam Hussein fault 
because HE puts anti aircraft near these places. Those killed on the street it is their fault, the 
ideates SHOULD KNOW that streets are not safe. Collateral damage and targeting errors will destroy 
houses, bridges, telephone lines, ... human cost? well regrettable!. The survivors will be so 
tormented for a long time. They will not dare open their mouths for fear of being “liberated” again.

If they succeed in "regime change" them they will install a "Ghalizzi to rhyme with Karizzi" 
regime. Some of us will have to be sent to a rented American base (similar to Guntanamu) to be 
interrogated, and we will have no rights at all. It is comforting to know that Ramsfield boasted 
we, like Guntanamu detainees, will have a decent "three meals a day"! We will be shown on every 
television station around the world walking blindfolded, handcuffed and HRW representative will 
visit the base to inspect our conditions. Very good PR!! The less dangerous of us will detained 
inside the country. I am sure HRW will be embarrassed to talk about their treatment because they 
helped in creating the conditions that lead to our imprisonment.

What if they couldn’t get Saddam Hussein? Simple bombing and more bombing, killing and more killing 
till they get him even if it takes years!. Good has to win over evil at the end!!

Having done the Iraq people a favor, in getting rid of Saddam Hussein, America will, probably, ask 
the future government of Iraq to compensate the Americans for the cost of all the bombs that are 
used to “liberate Iraq”. Since Iraq is a wealthy country then Iraq will have to pay for its 
reconstruction all the bridges, telephone systems, hospitals, schools … etc that were destroyed 
during the “liberation”  . I see now that my grand grand child will be paying for the "regime 
change American style" that HRW helped promoting by jumping on the pentagon band wagon.  For HRW I 

For those in Washington and London who are advocating "regime change American style" I ask that 
they bring their families, their loved ones, their earthly belongings, even their ancestral graves 
to Iraq before the bombings starts. If they survive the massacre they will know what it means to be 
bombed to hell! To them I say stop being hypocrites YOU advocated “"regime change American style" 
YOU must   “come to where the action is come to the new Marlboro country” and TASTE YOUR OWN 

The irony is that the people who advocate human rights are helping the military in promoting Have a 
Real War (HRW!)

Best Regards
Ghazwan Al-Mukhtar
Baghdad, Iraq

PS: 2020 HRW report will say that the “Ghalizzi regime”  is still oppressive and the Iraqi people 
need to be liberated again!

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