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Dear All,
     The above web site is one where you can host your own Human Rights Watch Film Festival, which 
is a traveling festival around the world. Contact the woman at the bottom of the page . The 
documentary "Paying the Price - Killing the Children of Iraq would be an appropriate film to appear 
in a Human Rights Watch Film Festival. I bring this up since one of the people on this list was a 
part of it.    There is a human rights watch film festival that begins in NYC  at the Walter Reade 
Theater on June 14. The only film that talks about Iraq in this festival is one entitled  "Stealing 
the Fire" which talks about one Karl - Heinz Schaab who according to the film , sold Nuclear 
secrets to  the countries of Pakistan and Iraq. I find it  troubling , how the right wing of the 
USA uses every available access to convince convince a population that war against Iraq is 
justifiable. It is I believe not a coincidence that this film would appear when it does in a Film 
Festival. I will attend the screening of this on Sat. June 22 at 6:30 (when the film makers will be 
present) to ask them " though their intentions may have been honorable do they not see how the 
timing of such a film could possibly serve interests of those who are not humaine and their 
intentions not honorable." If anyone has any knowledge of this and can think of a better question 
please let me know.  Thanks  Sincerely, Peggy

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