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[casi] "I do not have to read the report..."

Dear Ghazwan & 'List',

At least we can both accept criticisms, and discuss matters amicably.
Again, my 'talking shop', about your 9 points.

1) "TELL ME NEWS NOT HISTORY". You say the 2002 A.I. report is not much
different from any other in the last 25 years. You may be quite brilliant,
but how can you possibly know? - whatever you think they are about, you
haven't read a single A.I report (doesn't that make you feel a bit silly?).

2) Snippets of information - "sound bites" - is not the same as in-depth
study. I accept that you don't have unlimited access to information in a
Baghdad bookshop. Partly, that would be due to sanctions, partly to (Iraqi)
government restrictions?

3) You quote a saying about the difference between getting flogged and
counting the strokes. Certainly. I could ask what you did for the
Chechneyans, the East Timorese, the South Africans during apartheid etc.,
other than counting, or even not counting? Practically, what would you
expect people, esp. in the U.K., to do about Iraq (bearing in mind that none
of us have a magic wand!)?

4) Wishy-washy statements may not be much to offer, I agree. But I really
wonder whether you have really understood the ethos of A.I., which may
dampen your criticisms. - I am on this List, in A.I., as well
as in a local anti-sanctions/bombings group etc. That is where I am,
reportedly, although I know there is always more to be done.

5) First you judge A.I. reports to be worthless, then you blame the U.K.
government for ignoring the 1988 A.I. report. - If you consider me,
personally, responsible for thinking/actions of the British government,
then you better think again. When Tony Blair visited Birmingham, some
months ago, I was with a group demonstrating against his policies - he saw'
and heard, our group, from accross the street. But didn't shout for help
because of my presence.

6) About your claim that the USA/UK are committing genocide: do you mean
that A.I., by not taking a strong stance against sanctions are
therefore condoning sanctions? It's a serious question. By the way,
have you seen Glenn's letter? - If a "humble individual from Baghdad"
could change the views of A.I.? Who knows, 'it's in the lap of the gods.'

7) If you are comparing Iraq's record with other states, in the area,
don't worry, A.I. has had lots to say about those, too, and not all

8) You avoid the question about your political associations. That is your

9) If you truly wish to learn more about human rights issues, then education
helps - if not from books, other sources, such as 'the net.'
But, however useful any theories, one's heart has to be involved.


Bert Gedin, Birmingham, U.K.

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