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[casi] Complimentary copy of 'Eclipse'

Dear CASI discussion list

I hope the list moderator will not mind me using this list to advertise a
monthly anti-war review that a group of us staff and students at Sussex
University have been publishing since November, and to offer list members a
complimentary copy of it.

'Eclipse: the Anti-War Review' is an internationalist journal of analysis
and comment dedicated to uncovering the origins and implications of the
world crisis through which we have been living since 11 September. It is
editorially and organisationally independent and non-profit-making. It sells
for 70p and carries original pieces by writers at Sussex and elsewhere,
reprinted articles from the foreign press, and transcripts of major
speeches, as well as cartoons, satire and news of anti-war events.

Past issues have focused particularly on: American foreign policy; the 'new
imperialism'; gender and the Afghan war; the legal and economic exploitation
of the 'war on terrorism'; and the militarisation of the globe. The current
issue focuses on the Israel/Palestine crisis - see the brief summary of its
contents below. Articles from past issues are archived at our website

So far Eclipse has been sold largely on the Sussex campus but this month we
are launching it as a national journal. As part of our launch we are
offering a complimentary copy (without obligation) of the current issue to
anyone who is interested, in the hope that a proportion may like it enough
to take out a subscription and so enable us to guarantee the future of the
journal. Also so as to make contact with people around the country who may
be interested to write for it (particularly - in connection with the CASI
list - on the threat of a war on Iraq).

If you would like a complimentary copy, please send your name and address
requesting one to

Please feel free to forward this email to relevant email lists you belong
to, or to friends who might be interested in receiving a copy of Eclipse.


Andrew Chitty
University of Sussex


Eclipse issue 7, 15 April 2002
Who are the Terrorists? The Israel/Palestine Conflict

Articles: 'Preparing for another 1948', 'Jewish identity and the
Israeli-Palestinian conflict', 'The poverty of the press', 'Anti-zionism and
anti-semitism: Ramallah and Sussex', 'The Israeli Defence Force refuseniks',
'Open letter to commander of the Israeli para-troopers', 'War is not peace',
'US engagement - on Israel's side', 'War on terror expands at expense of
human rights', 'Ending Oslo, returning to war', Two speeches by Ariel
Sharon, 'While governments do nothing, people everywhere are protesting',
and more.


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