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[casi] FW: US To Use Bulgarian, Romanian Bases To Strike Iraq

Can anyone figure this (thanks again to Rick Rozoff of Stop, Nato) is this
part of a deal for east Europe to join the EU? best, f. (and all these
sources who are un-named - really a disgraceful betrayal of journalism.)

Arabic News
May 9, 2002

American coordination with Bulgaria, Romania to use
their bases to strike Iraq
Iraq-USA, Politics, 5/8/2002

A military expert and an advisor for European security
and defense has disclosed to the Saudi daily al-Watan
in its Tuesday's issue that American military
coordination has started with each of Bulgaria and
Hungary to use military bases and fuels and energy
supply points especially in Romania in preparations
for the military plan to strike Iraq.

The experts which the paper did not mention by name,
stressed that the US seeks in its plan to carry out
cordoning operation on Iraq through military bases for
aviation in Romania in each of Timiosore and Fatisti
and the naval bases in Konstanta which is prepared
secretly to receive huge numbers of the American
troops and their military equipment.

The expert added that preparations are under way to
use Bulgarian air bases in each of Varna, Blovadiv and
Brojaz in order to provide the American planes with

The expert announced that the Pentagon is now
preparing the planes to drop smart bombs. There are
orders to prepare more than 12,000 planes for
photographing, surveillance and reconnaissance and
therefore efforts are being made to end the mission of
these planes in Afghanistan in order to prepare them
for the coming strike against Iraq.

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