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Re: [casi] from today's papers: 6-05-02

hello  all
gabriel, who many of you know, emma, gareth and sue from voices will be in
Iraq til the 19th may, see below press release. They did various interviews
yesterday and this morning with BBC Good morning Scotland, Ulster and Wales,
LBC, Real FM and Sky News. They were due to do interviews with London TV
News and with BBC 5 Live Breakfast but gotr bumped by other stories
apparently, though anyone listening to 5 Live Breakfast this am. as I did
will wonder what by, there seemed a big shortage of news......

                                                   PRESS RELEASE
May  6th 2002
voices in the wilderness uk
 08454560282/ 07947839992
British sanctions breakers head for Iraq- denouncing "smart" sanctions

Four members of Voices in the Wilderness UK[1] will risk a possible five
year prison sentence [2] when they embark on a sanctions-breaking trip to
Iraq this Tuesday May 7th [3]. The campaigners say that the so called "smart
sanctions" proposals which the UN Security Council is expected to approve on
Wednesday [4] are a fraud.

The new resolution proposes introducing a "Goods Review List" of potential
dual use items. All other items would be exempt from the veto of the
notorious Sanctions, or 661, committee, blamed for holding up billions of
dollars worth of essential goods.

"All the proposed resolution does is lock the 661 committee out and reduce
paperwork for exporters," explained Gabriel Carlyle, one of the delegates,
"The resolution can only be presented as a positive development if one
accepts that the 661 committee has abused its discretion in the past.
In fact the resolution is a fraud that will do little to alleviate the
ongoing humanitarian crisis. Under 'smart' sanctions the massive foreign
investment and the freedom of labour and capital that Iraq so desperately
needs will remain prohibited. Under 'smart' sanctions ordinary families in
Iraq will remain sunk in poverty, unable to earn a living wage and Iraqi
children will continue to drink dirty water, get sick and die. This is
totally unacceptable. We are deliberately breaking these sanctions in order
to challenge this illegal and immoral policy."

The delegation members will be taking medical supplies and medical CD-ROMs
with them to Iraq, without applying for export licences. They will also
break the sanctions by returning with locally purchased goods from Iraq to
auction here in Britain. They will hand a letter in to 10 Downing Street at
12pm Tuesday expressing their intentions.

According to UNICEF the economic sanctions on Iraq have contributed to the
deaths of at least 500,000 children since they were imposed in August 1990
[5]. The Catholic aid agency CAFOD has condemned this policy as 'humanly
catastrophic [and] morally indefensible' [6].

The delegation members are Gabriel Carlyle(27), a communication support
worker from Oxford and joint co ordinator of Voices UK , Susan Brush (33),
an environmental field worker from Oban, in Scotland, Emma Sangster (35), a
designer from London and Gareth Evans (36), a freelance writer and curator
in film and culture from London.
                                                        0845 4560282/

[1] Voices in the Wilderness UK campaigns for the immediate and
unconditional lifting of the economic sanctions on Iraq.
[2] Under the Iraq and Kuwait (United Nations Sanctions) Order 1990, taking
any goods to Iraq without an export licence is a violation of the law
punishable of five years in prison.
[3] The delegation leaves London Heathrow Tuesday 7th May 17:05 GMT (RJ 112
to Amman, Jordan ) arrives Amman 00:00 local time and returns to London
Heathrow on Sunday 19th May 15:45 GMT.( from Amman - RJ 111- departs Amman
at 12.15 local time)
[4] Reuters May 3, "U.N.-Iraq Talks End; No Decision on Inspectors"
[5] See UNICEF's press release, "Iraq surveys show 'humanitarian emergency'"
, 12th August 1999 available on-line at
[6] See CAFOD's February 2001 report 'A People Sacrificed: Sanctions Against
Iraq', available on-line at

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