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[casi] Security Council resolution imminent

Word from the Security Council is that the anticipated new resolution on
Iraq, labelled by some as introducing "smart sanctions", has been almost
agreed. The resolution provides for a straightforward rollover of the
oil-for-food programme. There will no longer be 90-day reports from the
Secretary-General on the operation of OFF, leaving only the 180-day
reports and thus less opportunity for public scrutiny.

The more significant change is the adoption of a "Goods Review List"
(GRL) and procedures for its implementation, based upon the texts
circulated in November 2001 and attached to SCR1382. The GRL is the list
of items considered as potentially "dual use", and applications for
their import into Iraq will be reviewed by the Sanctions Committee (661
committee). For items not on the GRL, the 661 Committee does not have the
power to block contracts: therefore the resolution takes away some of its
discretionary powers.

The Secretary-General is asked to submit regular reviews to assess the
implementation of the GRL and its procedures.

In the short-term, the resolution will have no effect on the humanitarian
situation in Iraq, as the escrow account is empty. Freeing up import
restrictions has no effect if the money is not there to purchase the
goods. In the longer term, no extra goods can enter Iraq that couldn't
have been imported before; all the resolution does is lock the 661
committee out and reduce paperwork for exporters. The resolution can
only be presented as a positive development if one accepts that the 661
committee has abused its discretion in the past.

It's my understanding that the text of the resolution was agreed in
late April, and the only item left under discussion is some technical
details of the procedures for the implementation of the GRL.

A few resources that may be of use in analysing the new resolution are
CASI's guide to "smart sanctions":

the text of SCR1382:

the largely unnoticed 150-page list included in 1382's draft GRL:

and CASI's press release on SCR1382:


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