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[casi] UN investigations: Iraq vs Israel

Thanks to Sandeep - Ireland Against Sanctions. Mind bending.

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From: Brendan LaRocque []
Sent: 02 May 2002 00:26
Subject:UN investigations: Iraq vs Israel

It appears to have slipped Ari Fleischer's (& the reporter's) mind
that Jenin is located in Occupied Palestine, not inside the sovereign
nation of Israel.  And there's the other pesky fact that a few years
back the UN team in Iraq was used as cover for US spies.  Details,
Transcript Excerpt from White House Daily Briefing, May 1, 2002:

Q: I know you rejected this earlier, but if we get into a situation
whereby Sharon is allowed to unilaterally reject having a U.N.
mission take place, do you, in effect, set a precedent that puts us
in a situation where Saddam Hussein could even come back later, and
say, well, you didn't force Sharon to allow U.N. fact-finders in, why
should I then allow U.N. weapons inspectors in? Is it the same?

MR. FLEISCHER: I think any comparison of a sovereign nation, a member
state of the United Nations like Israel, which is working with the
United Nations as a sovereign nation, to a nation that fought a war,
lost a war, and had the terms of an armistice agreed to by that
nation as surrender terms -- comparing the situation of Iraq to
Israel is wholly without any basis. Don't forget what Iraq agreed to
Iraq agreed to as the terms to end a war.

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