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[casi] Re: Silence is Golden -Sometimes.

Hi Nermin & All,

Quite a debate, going on about media. Which is healthy. Amongst a number of
issues raised, I will limit myself to some of your views.

Most of us believe in active discussions. If one is adherent of a political
party, a religion or governmental organisation etc., one is immediately
restricted. There are, of course times/situations where to utter truth,
however well-meaning, would, in itself, be considered a
criminal act, perhaps because of perverse laws or attitudes. And to do so
may result in severe (sometimes unspeakable) punishment by the powers that
be. Loyalty can be a positive value. However, when it means colluding with
injustices, even evil, the legendary magician, Faustus comes to mind. For
the pursuit of power & knowledge he sold his soul to
the devil. To listen, intensely, to the inner voice, then to see what
conscience dictates.

If I understand correctly, you condemn those "working against their
homeland". That I find quite objectionable. Why? Because some of the great
people, in history, have dared to speak out against wrongs, often at great
cost to themselves. Their objective has been to leave this world a better
place, and that deserves to be respected.

We agree that the blockade, and bombings, of Iraq, should be halted. In
that sense, we cannot afford the luxury of silence, however golden.

Bert Gedin,
Birmingham, U.K.

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>Subject: [casi] re:media
>Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2002 21:09:36 +0300
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>Hi all,
>Before a while Abi Cox wrote to the members of this list saying that (The
>second purpose is to remind people that the list should not be used to
>make personal accusations - veiled or otherwise - about other list
>members. This includes insinuations that 'certain' list members are
>members of the Iraqi regime.)
>Still, Yasser and Iraqi are insisting on making (personal accusations)!
>Even if I disagree with Yasser in all what he said and says, but he puts
>his name. Yet, that who hides behind Iraq and he does not dare to write his
>name, how does he think that the others will believe him?
>Yes, I am a (famous) Iraqi journalist as the both said and they must know
>that I believe in my Iraq issue as they do believe in getting wages through
>working against their homeland. Being against somebody or opposing other
>does not mean killing millions to achieve that goal. I know that if anybody
>discusses in such a way Yasser and Iraqi do; means that they have nothing
>to say just to attack according to an Arabic Proverb which says: attacking
>is the best way to escape.
>We are doing our best to lift this unfair blockade. We are doing our best
>to make an alternative media more noble and honest. If you have nothing,
>so, the Silence is made of Gold.
>Nermin al_Mufti
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