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[casi] FW: [no-sanctions] Feed kids or aid Palestinian Suicide?

Thanks to Sandeep of Ireland Against Sanctions.
Another example of for us in the west, however hard trying to - again - walk
in anothers shoes, it is impossible.
The coin is also of course, yet again, double edged. With no welfare state
and Palestinians unable to get to work because of blockades, a recent
tragedy was a man in his late twenties, employed but unable to get there for
nearly a year, ashamed, thus at being unable to support his young family,
became a suicide bomber so they would be cared for.
The young woman paramedic who also became a suicide bomber, was reported as
saying since her teens, so much of her work had been picking up bits of
people - rather than treating them - she saw nothing but hopelessness.
This is, I realise, again slightly off the core purpose of CASI - but seems
to be interlinked with recents discussions.
Best, f.

April 4, 2002


NABLUS, West Bank--Saddam Hussein has increased money for the
relatives of suicide bombers from $10,000 to $25,000...

Why not increase it to $250,000?
Why should the Iraqi government care
about starving Iraqi children?
There's an urgent need to encourage
Palestinians to kill themselves.
Saddam is a lovely father to his people.

"Starve and die my children.
I need the money to encourage
Palestinians to kill themselves.
I am not happy to see you die,
but it would be even worse if
we had to offer only $10,000
to encourage Palestinian suicide."

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