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[casi] Letters To America

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Dear Supporters of CASI,

My name is Maggie Holmes and I am the executive director of Letters To

Our organization is currently collecting original letters addressed to
the American people written by men, women and children all over the
world.   These letters will be compiled in a book designed to provide
Americans with honest feedback from citizens of other nations throughout
the world.   We aim to raise the awareness of the American people at a
time when America's choices have such a strong global impact.  You can
learn more about our organization at
<> .

I am writing to invite your participation in this project.   Please send
us your honest opinions and advice in the form of a letter to the
American people.  We are especially seeking more letters from Iraqi
citizens at this time.  Please let the American people know how
U.S.-backed sanctions are affecting your lives!  We are happy to protect
the identities of those people who do not wish their names to be
revealed.  CASI has kindly offered to act as an intermediary for those
of you who wish to submit letters for this project anonymously.  You can
send your letters to

Below you will find our international Call for Submissions.  Please feel
free to forward this information to anyone else you know who might like
to participate in this effort to promote awareness and dialog across

Thank you for your time and attention.  We look forward to hearing from

Warm regards,
Maggie Holmes
Executive Director- Letters To America

Why do some people love the United States so much they will do anything
to reach its shores?  Why do others so hate the U.S. that they will die
for their beliefs?  Tell the American people how YOU feel.

Call For Submissions: Letters To America

Letters written by men, women and children all over the world are being
collected for a new book called Letters To America.  The book will be
distributed nationwide in an effort to raise awareness about America's
complex international relationships.  If your letter is selected for
publication, you will receive $US100.  Follow the instructions below
carefully to increase the likelihood of having your letter published.

1) Begin your letter with the greeting "Dear People of America."

2) Please be creative!  Write your letter personally, in the first
person, as if you were speaking directly to a group of Americans.
Remember this is an informal letter, NOT an essay - be yourself and tell
us how you feel.  Illustrate your letter with stories and examples from
your life that have shaped your opinions.

3) Please reflect on the following questions before you compose your
letter.  Imagine the American people have asked you:

                        *       How has our culture, foreign policy, and
business personally impacted your life? (Please include personal stories
and experiences)
                        *       What do you think we could learn from
you and your country?
                        *       What do you like/dislike about us?  What
is our greatest strength/weakness?
                        *       What advice would you like to give us?

4) Please be honest, personal and candid; we are looking to include a
wide diversity of views and opinions, negative as well as positive
feedback.   There is no right or wrong answer to the questions.  We are
looking for letters that express authenticity and emotion, NOT
sophisticated analysis.

Please submit letters already written or translated into English. We are
not concerned about grammar and spelling.  You can earn $ when you help
us collect and translate letters from other people in your community.
Please write to us or email to learn more
about this opportunity.

Please include your name, age, sex, occupation, home address, country of
origin and current residency. If you are concerned about revealing your
identity, we can provide you with an alias if your letters is selected
for publication.

The deadline for submission to our first book is April 20, 2002. Earlier
submissions are encouraged!
Submit letters by pasting them inside the submission form on our website <> .
If necessary, you can also submit letters by e-mail at <> ,
or by regular post to:
Letters To America - Submissions, P.O. Box 20511, Piedmont, CA 94620,

Letters To America is an opportunity for people across different
cultures to listen, learn and understand one another.  Your voice is
critical to the success of this endeavor.  We hope to hear from you

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