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[casi] turn off the oil tap?

>I think the proposed plan that Iraq and possibly Iran, could "turn off the
oil tap" to the US (which now receives 15% of its oil from Iraq)as a form of
protest against Israel, should be discussed by this email list. Given that
Japan is 75% dependent on Gulf oil, Japan could step in as a major recipient
of Iraqi oil, Philippa Winkler

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>Hi Lisa,
>Thinking that Colin made it very clear to you, I want to say that Israel
>could not continue as a (state) without USA aids: which increase year after
>year. Billions of USA money to refresh Zionist economic and billions as
>different kinds of weapons to kill Palestinians. We are sure that Zionist
>entity is a terrorist state,  so, why USA gives it self the right to help
>the terrorists while accuses Iraq that helps people who struggle to liberate
>their occupied country? It is time to know who is the terrorist. It is time
>to say enough to (Israel) and USA. Let us think in the way helping
>Palestinians who are under siege since a week and Zionists are slaughtering
>them. This is the issue now.
>Nermin Al-Mufti, Baghdad
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>From: "Colin Rowat" <>
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>Sent: Wednesday, April 03, 2002 10:11 PM
>Subject: RE: [casi] accusation that Iraq gives remuneration to suicide
>bombers' families
>> > A few days ago I saw Wesley Clark, former high ranking
>> > military officer, now correspondent for either CNN,
>> > MSNBC, or Fox (I think the former) make the comment
>> > that Palestinian suicide bombers' families are given
>> > monetary compensation from Iraq.  This was an
>> > accusation I'd never heard before.
>> >
>> > With NO interest in being a Saddam apologist, I do
>> > want to keep my facts correct.  Can anyone comment on
>> > this?
>> Hi Lisa,
>> The claim is generally correct, but is presented in what is likely a
>> deliberately misleading fashion.  In fact, the Iraqi government claims to
>> pay the families of all Palestinians killed in the intifada, the vast
>> majority of whom are not suicide bombers.  Lesser sums are paid to
>> Palestinians wounded and to those who've had their houses demolished by
>> Israeli army.
>> US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, who has also made this claim
>> cited various figures on April 1, in separate statements.  At a press
>> briefing (,
>> he explained:
>> "Well, as I'm sure you've read, the Iraqis, Saddam Hussein, have announced
>> that they're offering stipends to families of people -- of suicide
>> They've decided that that's a good thing to do, so they're running around
>> encouraging people to be suicide bombers and offering -- I think I saw
>> something like $10,000 per family."
>> An American Forces Press Service story that same day
>> ( gave a
>> slightly different figure:
>> " 'I think the world ought to know that Saddam Hussein's idea of having a
>> nice day is offering $10-, $20- or $30,000 ... to families who talk their
>> children into going out and blowing up a restaurant in Tel Aviv or
>> Jerusalem,' he said."
>> Rumsfeld's confusion over the figures may stem from the Iraqi government's
>> decision to increase the payments from $10,000 to $25,000 last month.
>> attached below the Reuters story reporting this.  It explains that the
>> government has been involved in payments like this since the start of the
>> second intifada.  This has probably increased its standing in parts of the
>> Arab world: while other Arab leaders are perceived as talking, Saddam is
>> seen to be taking action.
>> One of the ironies of this policy is that both the Iraqi and the US
>> governments are publicising it.  A lesser one is that the Iraqi government
>> is making payments in US dollars, and not in euros.  (It protested loudly
>> gain the right to sell its oil in euros instead of in the currency of the
>> oppressor.)
>> Colin Rowat
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>> Iraq raises aid to Palestinian uprising victims.
>> BAGHDAD, March 11 (Reuters) - Iraq's Deputy Prime Minister Tareq Aziz said
>> Iraq would grant $25,000 in cash to the family of each Palestinian killed
>> clashes with Israeli troops in the West Bank and Gaza.
>> "President Saddam Hussein has recently told head of the Palestinian
>> political office Farouq al-Kaddoumi his decision to raise the sum granted
>> each family of the martyrs of the Palestinian uprising to $25,000 instead
>> $10,000," Aziz said.
>> "It is a very simple contribution, which we consider as a modest one due
>> the circumstances of the sanctions," Aziz told Arab politicians and
>> representatives of non-governmental organisations late on Sunday.
>> Iraq also grants $1,000 to each Palestinian wounded in the uprising and
>> $5,000 to Palestinians whose homes were demolished by Israeli forces, he
>> added.
>> In December 2000, Iraq pledged to allocate one billion euros ($930
>> of its oil-for-food deal with the United Nations to buy food and medicine
>> for the Palestinians and help the families of people killed or wounded in
>> the uprising, but the United Nations did not approve the pledge.
>> Sanctions were imposed on Iraq in August 1990 as punishment for its 1990
>> invasion of Kuwait, which ended when a U.S.-led international alliance
>> ejected Iraqi troops in 1991.
>> Iraq fired 39 scud missiles against Israel in the Gulf War and rejects
>> talks as a sell-out of the Palestinian cause.
>> Baghdad has always taken a hard line towards Israel. Saddam said at the
>> start of the Palestinian uprising that Iraq was ready "to put an end to
>> Zionism" if Arab rulers did not defend the Palestinians against Israel.
>> At least 1,022 Palestinians and 333 Israelis have been killed since the
>> uprising began in September 2000 after peace talks deadlocked.
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