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[casi] Fw: 'Silence Is Betrayal' Perspectives On Iraq

The following speaker meeting will be taking place this Sunday (7th April)
in central London.

Best wishes,


******** PRESS RELEASE ********


Perspectives On Iraq


"So often I had castigated those who by silence or inaction condoned and
thereby co-operated with the evils of injustice ... Those who lynch, pull
the trigger, point the cattle prod, or open the fire hoses, act in the name
of the silent"

Martin Luther King

On Wednesday 10th April 2002, a distinguished panel of speakers will offer
perspectives on Iraq at an event to highlight the profound suffering imposed
upon the Iraqi people through sanctions, continued allied bombing, the
atrocities of the Ba'athist regime and the threat of increased armed
intervention under the auspices of 'War on Terrorism'. Participating
organisations include the Socialist Party, the Iraqi Communist Party and
sanction-busting group Voices in the Wilderness.

The event, to be held at Conway Hall in Red Lion Square, London, marks the
eleventh anniversary of UN Resolutions 687 and 689 (3rd and 9th April 1991
respectively), which established contraversial UN observation and inspection
units inside Iraq but which failed to address the human rights abuses
inflicted upon the Iraqi people.

Organiser and artist Suzanne Muna explained:
    "We look to the Middle East and Afghanistan and all we see is bloodshed.
The plans that are being laid at the moment seem to promise no positive hope
for the future, just more violence. In each conflict, the same people are
suffering - the poor and the powerless. My work addresses these issues from
political and humanitarian perspectives and my hope is to expose the myth
that peaceful and lasting solutions will be found through such barbaric

Suzanne's work will form a backdrop to the event. Suzanne Muna studied at
Exeter College of Art and Design and has contributed occasional artworks and
illustrations to a number of political and humanitarian causes. She is one
of the few contemporary artists addressing political issues in her work.
Suzanne, who is half Iraqi and who spent some of her childhood in Baghdad,
worked for a number of years with the exiled Iraqi community in Britain.

Event Details:

Wednesday 10th April 2002
Conway Hall
25 Red Lion Square
London WC1R 4RL.

Further Information:

Suzanne Muna
78 Pearcroft Road
London E11 4DR

T. 0208 556 6494
M. 0796 885 2255

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