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[casi] BBC 10 o clock news- anyone got a transcript? (th 28th)

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there was a lot on the 10 o clock news tonight (Thursday) about Iraq, including a  report from 
Baghdad, by Ragy Omar, in which, among other things they had a clip from a Baghdad market where a 
market vendor talking in Arabic was said to have said that most Iraqis could now afford all the 
luxury goods in the market.

This was in the context of Iraq's improving trade and relations with it's neighbours but the 
reporter specifically said it was not sanctions busting goods, implying (I suppose) that oil for 
food is allowing this to happen. My understanding is that without the oil revenues entering the 
economy (as opposed to the escrow account) the kind of scenario the BBC was attempting to depict 
was impossible. It would be good to get a transcript of the piece and also if anyone arabic 
speaking saw the footage to say whether the guy actually did say what the BBC says he said.

Potentially this kind of stuff can be used to say that sanctions aren't hurting the people etc.

Does anyone have  a transcript of the report?
Has anyone seen similar stuff in other media outlets?

Richard  Byrne

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