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From: "Cey Mooney" <>
Date: Sun, Mar 24, 2002, 3:33 pm

prep session: today-sunday 24 march 7pm @ mid-south peace and justice center
in first congregational church, 1000 s. cooper, back door, 7pm

Media Contact: Dr. Nabil Bayakly, Director, Masjid Al-Noor, 432 0761 Ceylon
Mooney, Board Member, Mid-South Peace and Justice Center, 725-4990

in memory of civilians and civil liberties killed by ongoing war and terror,
Voices for Peace, a campaign of the Mid-South Peace and Justice Center, and
the Masjid Al-Nour are holding a funeral procession and burial service for
the civilians and civil liberties killed by the terrorist attacks of
September 11 and the ongoing "War Against Terror."

In appropriate funeral attire, participants and spectators will gather at
Court Square at 1:00PM. A funeral procession to the Federal Plaza begins at
1:30PM. At the Federal Building, 167 N. Main, a burial service will be held.

“We gather to demand an immediate end to the inexcusable killing of
civilians by U.S. bombs in Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine; we gather in
memory of civilians killed by terrorist attacks in Israel and the United
States,” says Memphian Ceylon Mooney, who has traveled to Iraq twice as a
nonviolent peace activist.

Mourners and an 8-foot-tall grim reaper walking on stilts will accompany the
funeral procession and service. Pallbearers will carry a coffin to the
burial site in front of the Federal Building at 167 N. Main. At the
gravesite burial service, participants will offer eulogies for the departed.

"The greatest honor to my brother's life would be that his death would mark
the end of this vicious cycle of violence," says Ryan Amundson, whose
brother was killed at the Pentagon on September 11. "For my family and I, my
brother's death as a justification for the violent death of more innocent
people and more American troops is an indignity."

This dramatic funeral condemns the September 11 terror attack and mourns for
the victims and their families while calling for an immediate end to the
"War Against Terror" here and abroad. To lament the loss of domestic civil
liberties, the service concludes with the “burial” of the Bill of Rights,
another American casualty in the War Aganst Terror.

Susan Goering, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of
Maryland, wrote, "Passage of the U.S.A. Patriot Act gives the government new
and unchecked powers that can be used against Americans who are not under
criminal investigation, immigrants who are within our borders legally and
those whose First Amendment activities are deemed by the attorney general to
be threats to national security.”

Operation: Enduring Freedom has yet to unearth the prime suspect behind the
September 11 terrorist attacks yet continues to kill more innocent people in
the name of the innocent people killed on September 11.The BBC reports that
U.S.forces killed 106 Afghan civilians when they dropped bombs on the
village of Qalaye Naizi, in eastern Afghanistan. In December, American
warplanes hit a convoy transporting tribal elders to the inauguration of the
Afghanistan government in Kabul, killing roughly 65 people. University of
New Hampshire Professor Marc Herold, who has compiled a conservative
estimate from mainstream media, puts the civilian death toll from U.S. air
strikes at roughly 4,000.

U.S. military aid to Israel continues to arm the conflict, and U.S. weapons
continue to kill civilians.
The Israeli human rights group B’tselem reports, Since September 29:
-812 Palestinian civilians were killed by Israeli security forces' gunfire
in the Occupied Territories, of whom 190 were minors under the age of 18.
-15 Palestinian civilians killed by Israeli civilians, including one two
month- old baby girl.
-12 Palestinian citizens of Israel killed within Israel by the Israeli
-234 Israeli civilians were killed by Palestinians, including 47 under the
age of 18.
-5 foreign Citizens were killed by Israeli security forces gunfire.

12 years of economic sanctions against Iraq has yet to bring about any
change in government yet continues to punish an entire nation.
UNICEF reports that, under economic sanctions, the under-five mortality rate
has more than doubled, one in every 3 Iraqi children suffers from chronic
malnutrition, and top UN agency officials cite an excess of one million
civilian deaths as a result of economic sanctions against Iraq.
The “War Against Terror” attacks freedom civil liberties.

The PATRIOT Act and expanded powers for domestic spying attack
constitutional freedom and civil liberties. Under this act, suspects can be
indefinitely detained without charges for up to six months, with the police
and FBI given wide-ranging powers to conduct searches of homes and offices,
intrude into the private financial transactions and intercept phone, mail
and Internet communications. Democracy requires free speech and public
access to information, which has been limited by the executive repeal of the
Presidential Papers Act and the unofficial repeal of the Freedom of
Information Act.

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