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[casi] Always easier to point the finger outward than inward!!!!

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I must say I  am a little confused how this list posting works. When I read the guidelines I 
realized the rules involved a particular UK focus and also that the posts are screened and then put 
on the computer by the person in charge of the posts. Correct me if I am wrong about all this. I 
must say that if that is the process then ,  is it not once again Big Brother knowing what's good 
for your consumption. Big brother does not always have to be the government or some big 
corporation. I also saw that the US has it's own posts.I feel that this  is some of the problem 
with organizing against the forces that wish to have the world  under " a new world order."   And 
this "New World Order" is not most of the American people. It is one percent of the Populaton in 
America. One percent of the population in the UK. It is one percent of the population in every 
country that signs on to " this new world order. "  I'm sure Tony Blair does not have to pinch 
pennies. We see it as one government against another government. America is the big bad guy in the 
world. When I have traveled I have more often felt contempt from Europeans more so than from any 
other nationality on the planet. I think there is a fair share of propaganda being fed to those of 
you in the UK. What I am trying to say, and maybe not saying it well, I apologize for that, is I 
feel the monster is closer to home to us than we might feel comfortable admitting. I don't deny 
that the american government is the largest terrorist nation on the planet and I am very critical 
of this government. But I never say My government or "we" bombed because it is not my or we for me. 
It is they. THose who wish to rule the world for their profits and they are operating on all 
continents just using the american taxpayer, resouces as it's suckers. The quality of life in 
Europe is far superior to the US.The poverty that you see in some 3rd world countries you also see 
here in some aspects of the US. Also I must   say if that these emails are screened before they are 
posted I see that as just another arm
 of forces trying to control. Granted they may be kinder forces but why does anyone know what is in 
the best interest for others to hear or read. It's what leads to greater forces doing the same 
thing and finding some reason to justify it.
Sincerely,       Peggy Ann

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