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[casi] action in the House of Commons

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I thought I would offer list menbers a brief description of a minor action I carried out in the 
House of Commons today, as I fear it may not appear in the mainstream media!

I got into the Strangers gallery at the House of
Commons to see P.M's Question Time at 3pm today, after getting a ticket
through my MP, Sir Sydney Chapman. I interrupted Blair when he was answering his very first
question on Afghanistan and bellowed:
"Respect international law! No more bombing! Leave Iraq alone! You should be
on trial in the Hague!."  The chamber is actually quite small and Blair
along with most of the other MP's must have heard most if not all of this
but he just carried on with his answer as if I was not there. I was right on
the inside end of a row next to the wall, which worked in my favour as
security had to ask everyone else in the row to come out of the row before
they could get to me. This gave me all the time I needed. By the time they
got to me I was ready to leave and offered no resistance. However, they
still grabbed me, threw me up against a wall and frisked me, which I thought
was a bit meladramatic! I was taken down to an office for questioning, made
to empty out my pockets, photographed, cautioned, told I was banned from the
building and thrown out. The police were actually quite good natured about
it. I do not know whether my protest was audible in the live coverage on TV
or radio as my wife did not tune in for it!
Anyway the action went pretty much as planned, I've made my point
peacefully, told Blair to his face what I think of his policy and not been
charged with anything  - the police said it was not a criminal offence, but a
breaking of house rules. On its own it does not mean much, but alot of
people are taking different approaches and the overall effect might influence
events in a helpful way.

Best wishes,   Tim

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