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[casi] Americans

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Hello to you all.  It is early here in Texas, where many if not most believe
that America should bomb everyone. I just read Brigitte and Bert's exchange
and wanted to chime in...please forgive me.
As to Americans and their perspective on Iraq, Afghanistan, and pretty much
all the world with an address that doesn't end in USA, they have been, not
spoon fed their perspective, but force fed their perspective.  Americans live
in a country with a very sophisticated propaganda machine that has been in
full swing and fully financed for many a long decade.  We are convinced that
we are all good and have god on our side and all the rest are bad with evil
on their side.  If you look at history I believe that you will find that it
has always been this way with the nation in power.
Now some of us with the benefit of an education, and some of us with the
benefit of a cynical mind, don't buy the 'material' that the propagandists
are laying around at our feet.  As to the rest of Americans they are
inundated with copious quantities of this 'matter'.  In my experience here in
texas, red neck central, there are a lot of great people around.  I go to a
college with wonderful professors who abhor the sanctions and humanitarians
like Dr. Henry and Cat Bucher who have spent their whole lives working on
behalf of the marginalized peoples of the world.  I go to school every day
with bright, beautiful students half my age who see right through the
propaganda and whose hearts weigh heavy for the oppressed everywhere,
including our own country.  So, Brigitte!  Come to Texas, or go to Europe,
but know when you do that there are reasons why the folks in Colorado, (where
i used to live and was surrounded by many wonderfully caring individuals) are
spewing the rhetoric, and know that all they need is a gentle nudge to begin
to ask questions.  These questions will begin to blow away the walls of sand
that they have been blinded with for so long.
I spoke to a student the other day who was explaining to me how Saddam must
go, how he is evil, how the people of Iraq must depose him, how sanctions are
good and just.  I spent ten minutes in between classes sharing information
with her, gave her CASI to explore, and yesterday in class she was answering
a question, brought the unjust sanctions and treatment of Iraq up as part of
her answer... WE got another one!!!  Don't despair.  One person at a time.
We can help the change to happen.  I have dedicated my life to being a thorn
in the establishments side, to remind them of their humanitarian
responsibilities, there are many many others here in america and all over the
Peacefully yours, Hopefully yours,

<<<Hi Brigitte!
Good to hear from you. There must be many, like yourself, who feel they are
struggling against overwhelming odds. It was similar, (maybe you weren't
even born then?) during the Vietnam War. If we are strong, truth will
prevail. - Let's, when we feel inspired to do so, continue to have these
exchanges, and let's have pity on those who think we are part of the (pardon
my spelling!) al Qaeda network!  Peaceful Greetings,
Bert (Birmingham, U.K.).

>Subject: Re: [casi] disinfo ......
>Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2002 20:13:22 EST
>Hello you are right I live in the US in a small mountain Community and I
>never met such ignorant people in my life I cannot wait to go back to
>where I am from. I met Noam Chomsky in 1989 in Boulder Colorado and read
>books etc. These people here think that the US should go into war with all
>countries for their freedom any country that does not go along with this
>government should be eliminated. I almost stand alone with only a few
>and we speak out and we educate as many people as we can. Of course it is
>almost impossible. Thank you for your info Regards Brigitte

Roger Stroope
Think Uncommon Thoughts....
903-870-9888 h
903-868-8845 w

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