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Re: [casi] Iraq's NBC capabilities and the withdrawal of weaponsinspectors

Dear Eric and all

Thanks for notifying us of the resources, Eric. As their author, I tend to
agree with your assessment. So any critical comments to me, please.

Whilst I'm at it, I've started compiling an index of news reports -
largely taking the most informative from the compilations of Peter Brooke,
Voices and Iraq Sanctions Monitor - and ordering them by theme. So if
you're in a hurry and want a few soundbites on, say, what regional
governments think of an attack on Iraq, the following may be useful:

Finally, on the CASI site, the recent Save the Children UK report -
"Understanding Kurdish Livelihoods in Northern Iraq" (February 2002) - is
definitely worth reading.

Oh, and the URLs that Eric provides are slightly inaccurate. They should

I hope there's something useful in all this for campaigning.

Best wishes

On Tue, 19 Mar 2002, Eric Herring wrote:

> Two very useful campaign resources are
> 1. This which maps out accurately the extent to which Iraq
> had its nuclear, biological and chemical weapon capability
> eliminated:
> 2. This detailing the evidence (including UNSCOM's own
> chronology) showing that the weapons inspectors were
> withdrawn and were not expelled:
> Cheers
> Eric
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