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[casi] anti-sanctions or just anti-government?

Hi all,

I've become somewhat alarmed by recent comments made on this group. the
reason any of us is campaigning and working for the end of sanctions is for
the iraqi people, or at least that should be the reason. by the same logic,
we should not be trying to defend the iraqi regime in any way. those who say
"its none of our business" and we should only deal with what our country
imposes on iraq, thats like saying "who gives a crap about what happens to
the iraqi people, as long as we're not responsible". it is extremely
hypocritical, and anyway the US and UK have helped keep saddam in power so
many times (not least in '91) that it does become our responsibility. this
isn't some game were our objective is soley to object against whatever
america and the government do, our work should stem for our sincere,
heartfelt concern for the starved and oppressed iraqi people - and this
concern should have no boundaries.

picking on the little detail of whether saddam hussein ejected the
inspectors or whether they left themselves is irrelevant to the fact that
the bombing and sanctions only hurt the iraqi people, killing hundreds of
thousands. the people of iraq should not be tied to the inspectors - that is
were the point should be made, not about some media injustices are done
against the brutal iraqi regime. by making such a point we are endorsing the
belief that the issue of inspections and sanctions should be interlinked.

come on people, focus on the objective.

yasser alaskary
president, imperial college iraqi society

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