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[casi] Need help interpreting DOE Country Analysis Briefs (all countries;Middle East): Persian Gu lf region

Hallo friends,
Below is a link to the US Department of Energy latest stats
on imports of Gulf oil, including Iraq.
I've got some preliminary thoughts in mind, but would like
assistance from anyone who is good at sorting through
If I've got it right, the US is selling Iraqi oil ON to other
places, ie not just for its own consumption (difference
between "net" and "demand"?) I wonder how much profit it's
Also, W Europe is not as reliant on Gulf oil as I'd thought,
which raises questions about the theory that one of the reasons the US wants
to stay in the region is to maintain control over W Europe's
economy via Europe's reliance on Gulf oil. Whereas, with
Japan, it definitely is nearly 100 percent dependent on
Gulf oil. It still looks like the US is getting most of
the oil it needs for domestic consumption outside the Gulf,
however, debunking the myth that it needs to be in the Gulf
for national security reasons, Philippa Winkler

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An updated Country Analysis Brief on the Persian Gulf Region is now available.
To access this report, the World Wide Web address is:

The report provides information on the Persian Gulf region's oil and natural
exports, and other recent developments

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