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[casi] MPs oppose bombing

House of Commons motion, viewable at

I'd seriously suggest a letter-writing campaign asking MPs to
sign/congratulating those who have.  There are some surprising names on this


     Alice Mahon
     Mr Tam Dalyell
     Glenda Jackson
     Mr Peter Kilfoyle
     Mrs Ann Cryer
     Dr Ian Gibson
        Mr Kelvin Hopkins Mr James Wray Mr Neil Gerrard
        Mr Harry Barnes Harry Cohen Mr Robert N. Wareing
        Mr Harold Best Ms Diane Abbott Mr Alan Simpson
        Chris McCafferty Mr Brian Sedgemore Mr Ronnie Campbell
        Frank Cook Jeremy Corbyn Dr Brian Iddon
        Lynne Jones Ms Oona King John Austin
        Mr George Galloway Mr Michael Clapham John McDonnell
        David Taylor Mr Robert Marshall-Andrews Mr Austin Mitchell
        Mr Terry Lewis Dr Desmond Turner Llew Smith
        John Cryer Mr Jonathan R. Shaw Mr David Hinchliffe
        Mr David Chaytor Rob Marris Phil Sawford

That this House is aware of the deep unease among honourable Members
on all sides of the House at the prospect that Her Majesty's Government
might support United States military action against Iraq; agrees with Kofi
Annan that a further military attack on Iraq would be unwise at this time;
believes that such a course of action would disrupt support for the
anti-terrorism coalition among the Arab states; and instead urges the Prime
Minister to use Britain's influence with Iraq to gain agreement that United
Nations weapons inspections will resume.

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